Sell Used Books Online
And Earn Amazing Extra Income

Brick-and-mortar booksellers have discovered that they can sell used books online and supplement their physical bookstore income.

In today's economy, the book selling business is tough for traditional independent booksellers and it's getting tougher.

Online bookselling is turning out to be just the thing the Indies need to stay ahead of this rapidly change market. And it's not a moment too soon.

Sell From Existing Space

Owning a physical store has certain advantages. First you have walk-in traffic. It's nice to have money stride right through the door. Plus the physical store bookseller can market to those customers a variety of ways on a very personal level.

But as an added bonus, used book stores can also sell the books on their shelves without investing another penny in storage space. Internet booksellers don't have that advantage.

Leverage book store sales with online sales to boost profits.

Therefore, the physical book store business floor space does double duty. Books are sold to physical customers as well as to virtual customers through Internet bookselling.

Free Or Almost Free Inventory

A second huge advantage brick-and-mortar book store owners have is the general public brings inventory into the store to sell or trade for prices that are absolutely rock bottom. Occasionally, neighbors living close to the store will even bring in a box or two of books and "donate" them simply because they wanted to get rid of them.

If you sell used books online then nothing beats free as a means to keep costs as low as possible and sell for a profit. Selling used books online doesn't get any easier than that!

Even if the books aren't donated, many bookstore owners will only give "store credit" for books brought to them.

That means in order to get value for the books hauled into the store, the customer must spend his credit in the same store.

Consequently, the owner gets to add to his inventory without laying out any cash.

And the customer gets to choose additional books from the owner's store and use a combination of credits and cash to pay for them.

The store owner then has the option of selling the books in his or her store or selling books on Amazon. Therefore, everybody wins whenever bookstore owners begin selling on Amazon.

Low Cost Advertising

There are many marketing opportunities in physical stores that simply don't exist for purely online booksellers. In-store signs, hand selling, short-term sales, and other incentives cost very little and can entice customers to return again and again.

Since the overhead to maintain the bookstore lease is already fixed, when owners start to sell used books online the money earned from those sales is pure profit. And that profit from online used book buyers is there just waiting for the taking.

Physical bookstore owners can profit online without making very many changes to their existing operation. In fact, the average book buyer walking into the store doesn't even know the owner sells online.

It's A Natural

Reputable booksellers with physical book stores who also sell online are simply leveraging the fast online profits the Internet provides with no risk to existing business.

It's a natural fit that has plenty of upside potential and no downside to worry about. If you're not selling books online then you're simply leaving money on the table.

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