Ideal Postage Scales for

By Joe Waynick
November 17, 2012

fulfillment package

Small and growing booksellers need two postage scales to keep their operation efficient and productive.

Now please don't panic! You don't have to buy them both at once to run a profitable business online, (unless you want to), and neither is very expensive anyway.

The first scale you'll need is a table top model for weighing your media mail packages when shipping out orders for books placed by your customers.

The second scale you'll need is a heavy duty unit that can be used either on a table top or as a floor model.

Each scale has a specific purpose and knowing when to buy each piece of equipment is just as important as knowing which one to buy.

For Packing Books & Shipping Orders Daily

If you follow the guidelines in Internet Bookselling Made Easy! it won't be long before you're packing and shipping several media mail packages daily.

small postage hand scales
DYMO 25lb Scale
Click for More Info

At that point you want to implement some basic automation to your shipping operation that's cost effective and productive.

I've used the DYMO 25 lb electronic scale for years in my business and I enthusiastically recommend it for yours. That's because this model of DYMO is a rugged and extremely accurate productivity booster that you'll find indispensible.

It has a number of very useful and highly advanced features not normally found on commercial postage scales that are so reasonably priced. For the full specifications on this handy device, just click here.

When You're Ready for the Amazon FBA Program

If you decide you want to grow your business into a full-time commercial operation, then you're going to want to look into Amazon's FBA program.

personal digital postal scales
Royal Ex310
Click for More Info

FBA allows you to expand your business almost without limit. However, at that point you'll be shipping hundreds of books weekly because you'll buy books in bulk. You're going to need heavy duty postage scales capable of handling more than 100 lbs.

Again, I've done all of the hard work. I've been using the Royal EX310 Exacta shipping scale in my business since 2009. Since then I've shipped as many as 3,000 books to Amazon's fulfillment warehouse in a single week. That's two skids.

This workhorse scale has never failed me and for the price I'm absolutely amazed at what a great value it has provided. To get the full specifications on the Royal, click this link.

Smart Business Expense Management

To get the maximum efficiency and profitability from your business you always want reliable, tested equipment.

Busy people save time by leveraging their assets. This is one of the most profitable business tips I can give you.

Don't play guessing games with your company. I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of these two postage scales because I've used them both for years. They're inexpensive and deliver an unbelievable value proposition.

Internet bookselling can be a highly profitable business when you use the right equipment. Click on the image or text links above and find out more information.

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