Selling on Amazon: The Beginners Guide to Selling Books Online

Selling on Amazon is the ideal way to sell your used books online if you want to attract a large audience. Becoming a 3rd party Amazon bookseller is the way to go to sell more books than anywhere else.

Basically, second hand booksellers use Amazon as a base and with their vast audience of shoppers and stellar reputation, they connect used book buyers and sellers and take a small cut for the service, which is well worth it.

Buyers shopping on Amazon are considered the 1st party, Amazon is the 2nd and you, the seller, as mentioned above, are the 3rd.

One of the reasons Amazon is so much more popular than other online shopping venues like eBay is because they protect their buyers. On Amazon, if sellers act badly they'll eventually disappear and won't be allowed to sell used books online through Amazon any more.

On the other hand, buyers are not allowed to become a problem for the Internet book seller either because Amazon takes care of the payments, which is one of the reasons they charge the fees that they do. Sellers are making more money because they have lower risk.

Are you ready to list your used books for sale and start selling on Amazon? The beginners guide to selling your new or used book (s) on Amazon that follows will help get you started.

How To Sell Your Books On Amazon

First you need to learn how to find used books. Once you have it's easy to become an Amazon 3rd party seller; just visit Amazon Services and you're on your way to getting your books sold.

It doesn't matter whether you sell childrens books or sell fitness books you'll be putting them in front of millions of Amazon shoppers every single day. You can even sell used school books.

Get a pro-seller account if you plan to sell more than 40 books per month.

If you're going to be selling used books online as an Amazon seller you'll need to have a name for your business, personal contact information, a physical address, a billing address (if different from your physical address), a phone number, and a major credit card such as Visa, Master Card, or American Express.

If you already have an Amazon buying account you can base your seller account off of that and start selling on Amazon, but if you're going actually operate as an Internet bookselling business you'll want to set up a separate pro-seller account.

Should I sign-up for a free account or pro-seller account?

You want to choose the free account option if you sell less than 40 items a month. The free account comes with an extra 99c charge per sale so it's not really as free as you think.

The pro-seller account is for professional sellers that typically have over 40 items to sell a month. It includes a monthly charge of $39.99 plus additional selling fees.

Selling more than 40 books per month negates the monthly fee for a pro-seller account. If you plan to sell less than that, then you're not operating an online bookselling business, you're engaging in a hobby.

This website is designed to support those of you who want to start and operate a home-based business, not a hobby.

How To List Books Online

Amazon makes it easy for second hand booksellers as well as new booksellers to list their books.

Once you're a member you can search for new and used book selections on Amazon that you want to sell by title, ASIN, ISBN or UPC number and if it's selling on Amazon you fill in the blanks with the standard information about your book.

Next you enter the condition of the book, the price, the quantity, and pick the shipping method you're willing to use, and you're good to go; it's as easy as that!

There have been a growing number of 3rd party United States booksellers choosing Amazon as their marketplace of choice for making money online selling used books.

Amazon's outstanding reputation continues to draw millions of shoppers every year and it has become the worlds largest bookseller online because they provide a safe place for buyers to shop and booksellers on the net to sell.

Now that you know how to make profits online, Amazon can be your online money making machine!

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