Creative Home Based
Business Ideas

By Joe Waynick
March 22, 2015

There are many creative home based business ideas and it’s impossible for any one person to know everything there is about a particular industry. Therefore, I’ve decided to reach out to other online bookselling experts and share some of the insights I’ve received from them with you.

By taking the information provided by these experts and applying it to your business, you can increase your revenue and profits—sometimes significantly!

You’ll find all kinds of advice here, from sourcing techniques, spotting value, bookkeeping tips, management skills, and how to scale your business. So relax and enjoy everything that these experts have to offer.


Book sourcing expert Peter Valley will open your eyes to new ways of finding inventory that you wouldn’t imagine possible. Every day inexperienced booksellers overlook valuable inventory worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that you can pick up for a song.

There are many great books chock full of ideas about how to profit from selling used books online. To find them just click the “GO” link next to the Search box below and you’ll be shown hundreds of titles like the sample books you see pictured:

Joe Waynick is author of several eCommerce books covering the bookselling and publishing industry. His books are available on can also follow him on Twitter @JoeWaynick.

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