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Jun 02, 2019

Amazon Fee Increases: Staring Into the Abyss

Amazon fee increases continue to squeeze small sellers as the Internet giant continues it's march toward world domination. Does this sound familiar?

Continue reading "Amazon Fee Increases: Staring Into the Abyss"

Jan 19, 2018

Are Thrift Stores In My Area Snubbing Book Scouters?

Some of the thrift stores in my area decided to start covering the printed bar code on the back of books with their own price tag.

Continue reading "Are Thrift Stores In My Area Snubbing Book Scouters?"

Jun 04, 2017

Book Flipping Surges In Wake of Amazon Price Hikes

During a single two-hour book flipping scouting trip, I picked up 25 flips with an average sale price of about $11 (that’s $275 worth of books), for which I paid $31.25. Initially . . .

Continue reading "Book Flipping Surges In Wake of Amazon Price Hikes"

May 08, 2017

Long Tail Definition

Original Comment: January 10, 2017 Thank you for keeping us up to date on all of Amazons changes. Your last article regarding long tail books was very

Continue reading "Long Tail Definition"

May 08, 2017

Healthy Tips For Thrift-Shopping Book Scouts

Original Comment: May 3, 2017 Found this article to be quite helpful in offering highly useful tips for book buyers scouting the thrift store market.

Continue reading "Healthy Tips For Thrift-Shopping Book Scouts"

May 08, 2017

10 Ways to Earn Money Fast!

I get a lot of questions from new booksellers asking me if I have any ideas on how to earn money fast so they can start a bookselling business.

Continue reading "10 Ways to Earn Money Fast!"

Jul 17, 2016

New Seller objective

Original Comment: July 15, 2016 As a fairly new Amazon seller who has been selling on Ebay for years what is my best course of action in regards to FBA?

Continue reading "New Seller objective"

Jun 03, 2016

Danger Ahead for Amazon Sellers Hawking Long-Tail Products

Is Amazon planning more draconian changes for FBA sellers? Since 2010 Amazon has unleashed a barrage of policy changes that have had devastating consequences for small sellers on its platform.

Continue reading "Danger Ahead for Amazon Sellers Hawking Long-Tail Products"

May 08, 2016

For Inventory in FBA Amazon Offers a Deal

With FBA Amazon can make it quite difficult to manage multiple ASIN's that trigger long-term storage fees. This is especially true when you begin accumulating a large FBA inventory.

Continue reading "For Inventory in FBA Amazon Offers a Deal"

Apr 24, 2016

Thrift Store Finds Can Be Highly Profitable

Hunting for thrift store finds to sell on Amazon can make some beginners jittery because they're not used to scouting in such a public place.

Continue reading "Thrift Store Finds Can Be Highly Profitable"

Apr 15, 2016

Amazon Sellers Get Free FBA Inventory Removal!

Every once in a while Amazon sellers are thrown a deal that can sometimes seem like it's too good to be true. It appears that…

Continue reading "Amazon Sellers Get Free FBA Inventory Removal!"

Apr 12, 2016

Scaling Up a Warehouse Operation

After several years of downsizing my business, I have once again decided on scaling up a warehouse operation. Personal issues involving my health and important family matters forced me to scale…

Continue reading "Scaling Up a Warehouse Operation"

Mar 22, 2015

Peter Valley Interview

Peter Valley is a book sourcing expert and is well-known for his ability to find valuable inventory in places most booksellers overlook. I’m pleased to have made his acquaintance and

Continue reading "Peter Valley Interview"

Mar 22, 2015

Creative Home Based Business Ideas

There are many creative home based business ideas and it’s impossible for any one person to know everything there is about a particular industry. Therefore, I’ve decided to reach out to other experts

Continue reading "Creative Home Based Business Ideas"

Mar 06, 2015

Awesome Detailed Information!

Original Comment: March 5, 2015 I'm a Single mom of 3 and can say this information is so appreciated. If I start and make some money it's helping me

Continue reading "Awesome Detailed Information!"

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