Selling Used Books Online Creatively

By Joe Waynick

Most booksellers think selling used books online only involve selling one book at a time through online marketplaces like Amazon, AbeBooks, and Alibris.

But there are other ways to sell books for cash that some competitors may have overlooked. Over time you may accumulate a fair amount of deadwood that won't fetch more than a penny online.

What do you do with those? Especially after you've invested cold hard cash into them. Below you'll find a few suggestions that may help you recoup some of your money when selling on Amazon is not practical.

Make Money On eBay Auctions

Ever try to sell a single book to used book buyers through an eBay auction? If you haven't, I can tell you it's pretty tough unless you're selling truly antiquarian books that book collectors clamor to get.

But not all Internet booksellers have rare books for sale. Most small booksellers have mountains of penny books piled up that either lost their original value or were bad purchases from the beginning. You may be able to sell books on eBay and recoup some of your losses.

Booksets is an untapped market strategy by most Internet booksellers.

One thing you can do is sell your penny books in lots of 1,000 or more in eBay auctions to make online profits. The best way to present this type of auctions is to advertise the auction as a perfect starter set of books for people opening used book stores.

Most used book store start-ups need good quality books to stock their shelves so they immediately have used books for sale. Good quality includes content as well as condition. Don't dump junk into your book lots!

A Second eBay Strategy

If you don't have quite that many to sell in large lots on eBay, try selling used books online in smaller "book sets."

What is a book set? Glad you asked. A book set is a collection of books that have a common theme. For example, the American Girl series of books can be grouped together in sets of 10 - 15 and sold as a set.

Or perhaps you can take the entire collected works of popular authors like Stephen King or Norah Roberts and sell them as a set. Get the idea?


Another option is to advertise your 1,000 book lots on Craigslist or Angie's List. Local book store owners regularly scan these two classified ad sites for bargains just like the one you're offering when they need to get used books for their stores.

You can either sell them outright for cash, or work out an arrangement to receive store credit.

Either way, you recoup some of your original investment in those books that have gone bad. This a good example of when you sell used books online there are multiple ways to make a profit.

If you bought them right as explained in my article used book sales, you may even recoup your entire investment when you advertise on Craigslist.

Innovate Whenever Possible

Always stay on the lookout for new and unique ways to maximize the revenue generated by your book purchases.

As you can see, Amazon doesn't have to be your only online profit center.

Reach booksellers from around the country by using these techniques and boost your online profits.

The more you sell, the stronger your cash flow. That's how easy selling used books online can be!

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