Testimonials From Industry Leaders

Testimonials from leading industry experts really tell the true story! Reputations are on the line, so you know an industry professional won't endorse a book or give a testimonial unless he or she thinks it has real value for readers.

Judge for yourself if you should read this book when you see what the pro's say about Internet Bookselling Made Easy!

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“I wish a book like this had been available when I started selling. Joe Waynick's 'Internet Bookselling Made Easy!' is chock full of advice that will help you take your business to the next level. Anyone involved with books and e-commerce will enjoy reading it, and will profit from it, too.”

Steve Weber, Author
The Home-Based Bookstore, Sell On Amazon, Barcode Booty

“…if you really want to learn how to make money selling used books online, you should read this book by Joe Waynick. There is a lot of great info in the book, but one sub-chapter, the one on Incremental Profits, blew me away. That one sub-chapter was worth 100 times what the book costs and will potentially put thousands of dollars in my pocket over the coming year or two.”

Skip McGrath, Author
Sell Used Books on eBay, Amazon.com and the Internet for Profit

“Joe Waynick has a hit! His easy to read, well-organized book about how to start an internet-based business selling books is a perfect model for other entrepreneurs to write about their passion for business. His book is so thorough it’s virtually a manual to train his competition. But more, it’s a great example of what a good how-to book is supposed to do: give the reader a comprehensive roadmap with plenty of signs, signals, and directions on how to follow and what to do.

I recommend this book for anyone thinking about getting in the online sales world, whether or not you choose to sell used books. There are plenty of other lessons in it that will be beneficial to learn from Joe’s experience.”

Charles H. Green, Author
The SBA Loan Book, 3rd Edition (Adams Media)

"It's easy to spot an outstanding how-to book: incredibly-detailed, exceptionally practical, topical, well written and engaging. This great book hits all the bases and establishes itself as the standard on the subject."

Peter Bowerman, Author
The Well-Fed Writer

“If you are…

  • Thinking about starting your own one-person, micro or small business
  • Have a business already but want to grow it
  • Love books and would like to make a living related to that love
…don't let anything stop you from getting Internet Bookselling Made Easy! Whether you are in the bookselling business or not, this is a must have volume for any business library.”

Claude Whitmyer, Author
Running a One-Person Business, Mindfulness and Meaningful Work

“If you want to earn a living selling books online, then you must read “Internet Bookselling Made Easy!” This book is an excellent reference ... comprehensive, well written, up-to-date, and highly informative. It is packed with useful "tips", "hints" and "examples" that makes it fun to read and easy to understand.”

Brian Jud, Author
How to Make Real Money Selling Books, Beyond the Bookstore

“Joe freely shares the secrets he uses to achieve success as an online bookseller that benefit novice and experienced sellers alike.”

Pamela Vasquez, Co-Author
The Cyber Moms' Guide to Creating Home Income with Online Auctions

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