e-Bay for Booksellers

By Joe Waynick

Many aspiring booksellers are finding that e-Bay is proving to be a very profitable means of selling book collections.

For almost two decades, millions of people have learned how to make money with online auctions; taking advantage of the simple-to-use sales process while raking in profits.

You can use the auction platform too for selling your books and do so quite profitably, as long as you know how to sell on e-Bay effectively.

Fortunately, making money on online auctions is very easy and just about anyone can master the system. You're limited only by your imagination.

You can sell anything from rare fiction books to used childrens DVDs. Auctions are also a great place to buy hard-to-find items like wholesale cook books.

This article will give you the basics, and subsequent lessons will give you many more online auction selling tips for buying and selling on e-Bay for profit.

What Is e-Bay?

Essentially, it's an online auction site where people bid on items that are being sold by individuals as well as businesses.

Online auctions is one of the leading most popular forms of eCommerce on the Internet!

For each item that's put up for bid, there's a description of the product which usually includes pictures. The seller puts up a minimum bid for the item and the auction itself lasts for a pre-set period of time.

Once the time for the auction has expired, the person with the highest bid wins the item and must pay for it using the PayPal service or a credit card. The seller then sends the item to the winning bidder.

How Are Auctions Different From a Fixed Price Market?

Since sellers can set the minimum bid, auctions allows bidders to bid as many times as they want to acquire the item. Sometimes the item can sell for less than what it’s worth, the same or more as with any auction.

Conversely, fixed priced sales are exactly that, a single price that's non-negotiable.

Why Do Some People Like Auctions Instead of Paying a Fixed Price?

The answer to the above question lies in the desire of the bidder to get a bargain.

Normally, set prices on auctions start considerably lower than the actual worth of the item. That's done to attract bidders who are trying to obtain the item for as low a price as possible.

Many buyers admit that they shop online auctions simply because they're so much fun!

Unlike fixed priced auctions where it's harder to find great bargains, it’s quite possible to get a really good deal on an auction site when buying and selling online.

Also, there's a popular practice called eBay sniping where a bidder enters a price at the last minute to win the auction.

Can You Earn a Living Selling Books with Auctions?

Absolutely you can! However, it'll depend on your source of books and how readily you can ship them to the winning bidder, but there are currently thousands upon thousands of people who make their living selling items on e-Bay.

And to make money with auctions by power selling online isn't as difficult as you might think.

If you are a bookseller with a good source that offers very low prices, each transaction can be a profitable online auction for you while providing the winning bidder with a bargain as well.

A big advantage of e-Bay auctions is that you don’t need your own website to run your business since they provide everything you need. Plus there are many third-party selling tools for online auctions to help you run your business.

An auction is a place to sell complete book collections on its own web page while only paying small listing fees unless you chose some of the extra features that an auction offers.

Otherwise, it costs nothing to start your business on the Internet and nothing for the basic services until you decide to run auctions.

If you're trying to find profitable home based business opportunities then an online selling venue like an auction website may be just the ticket for you.

When compared to popular fixed price websites such as Amazon, Alibris and Abebooks, auctions provide real advantages for the bookseller.

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