The New CompactFlash
Socket Scan Card
Will Make You Cash!

By Joe Waynick
May 1, 2014

The Socket Scan Card is the second piece of technology you need to become a professional book scout after purchasing a Personal Data Assistant (PDA).

You see, the PDA is only the first step in assembling the infrastructure necessary for you to begin making money buying and selling used books online.

You're also going to need a laser scanner to actually read the bar codes on the back of the books you want to buy.

Without a scan card your PDA is little more than a very expensive paperweight as far as its usefulness as a book scouting tool is concerned. Thus, the convergence of three critical technologies is necessary for you to make money, namely, the PDA, a scanner card, and price look-up software. In this article we're going to review the laser scanner you need for your Dell Axim v51 PDA.

Technology That Levels the Playing Field

The CompactFlash Socket Scan Card (CFSC) 5C and 5E is a Series 5 Entry Level scanner that enables your PDA to read EAN bar codes and retrieve price data stored on your PDA.

Your CFSC 5C and 5E card is designed after the miniature Linear CMOS imaging technology owned by Symbol Technologies. It will read all common bar codes with minimal power consumption to maximize the battery life of your device.

When the bar code is read, the scan card essentially mimics keyboard typing to send data to a Windows application as emulated virtual keystrokes.

In other words, scanning a bar code is the same as manually keying in the ISBN of a book, except scanning is 100 times faster.

Why the Socket Scan Card Works

A bar code is a series of machine-readable vertical lines or bars of varying width that are printed on the back cover or dust jacket of a book.

The book industry adopted what's known as the “Bookland EAN” bar code system. EAN is an acronym that stands for “European Article Number,” and it's essentially a machine-readable representation of the ISBN of a book.

Dell Axim x51 with Socket Scanner

ISBN stands for “International Standard Book Number.” An ISBN is either a 10-digit or 13-digit number that uniquely identifies a book.

When you scan a book's bar code your PDA device uses the scanned ISBN to access its internal database and retrieve the title, price, sales rank, and five lowest online prices for that book.

Depending on your scouting criteria, you use the retrieved information to make a buy or no-buy decision for the item scanned.

When you’re able to buy books for a dollar or two and your PDA tells you that it's currently selling online for $15 and that it has a very low sales rank, that means the scanned book is likely to sell within 30 days or less. Obviously, that book is a buy because you'll earn an easy $13 profit on the sale.

Scanners Are Essential for Profitable Bookscouting

If you want to be wildly successful as an Internet Bookseller then you need to own a scanner. An inexpensive entry into bookscouting is to purchase a new Dell Axim v51 PDA, outfitted with a new Socket Scan Card with the AsellerTool price look-up software subscription.

You can purchase a brand new CompactFlash Socket Scan Card at a great price and support this website at the same time by ordering through the PayPal link below.

Maintaining this site by constantly adding new and valuable content on a regular basis is expensive! You can help keep this website FREE by ordering below and helping us earn a buck or two to pay the bills.

You’ll receive either the SocketScan 5C or 5E (depending on availability) for your Dell Axim v51 PDA. This hardware is getting more difficult to find so you must hurry while supplies last!

Get your CompactFlash Socket Scan Card for your Dell Axim v51 PDA today and start enjoying higher profits as a professional book scouter. If you scout 5 days a week, even part-time, I guarantee you that your scanning device will pay for itself in less than 30 days—Order Today!

CompactFlash Socket Scan Card

Joe Waynick is author of several eCommerce books covering the bookselling and publishing industry. You can follow him on Twitter @JoeWaynick.

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