Here's A Roman Numeral Converter
for Booksellers

By Joe Waynick

Using the Roman Numeral Converter is very easy. You can convert decimal to roman numerals or convert roman numerals to Arabic simply by entering the number you want converted into the appropriate input box and clicking a button.

There's no need to memorize how roman numbers work, unless you really want to learn. Also, there's no need for a roman numeral conversion chart or for a roman numeral list either.

Enter the number you want to convert:




You'll never have to manually translate Roman numerals or maintain a list of roman numerals again. The Roman Numeral Converter is quick, easy, and fully automated.

Converting Roman Numerals

When you first decided to start selling books online I'm sure the last thing you expected to find yourself doing was learning roman numerals in your spare time.

But if you research older antiquarian books you're going to need a Roman Numeral Converter to help you.

Every experienced Internet bookseller knows that the most valuable books are the older classic titles written long before the invention of ISBNs and barcodes.

And since ISBNs and barcodes are modern inventions, many of the older and most valuable books use the roman number system to indicate the copyright date. If you want to do a proper old book search this converter will speed up the job for you.

Therefore, a basic knowledge of how to convert roman numerals into decimal numbers is very useful. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to price a book when you can't interpret the value of roman numbers.

A Little History of Roman Numerals

The ancient Romans were a nation of conquerors. They expanded the Roman Empire to include most of Europe and Africa.

To control its vast holdings Rome commanded the largest and best equipped army of the ancient world. And to support such a massive army Rome plundered many of the nations it conquered, levied usurious taxes upon its peoples, and they were heavily engaged with international trade to raise the money it needed to pay its soldiers.

The Romans were also skilled engineers and many of their architectural accomplishments have survived until present time. In addition, Roman ingenuity is credited for the success of many of their military campaigns because they had the ability to build advanced weaponry (for its day) and solve engineering problems that stymied most other armies.

To help them stay so far ahead of their contemporaries the Romans developed an advanced numbering system we now call roman numerals. In fact, Roman numbers still have many uses today, especially for academic purposes. But the most popular use of use is the superbowl roman numerals.

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