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By Joe Waynick
August 18th, 2012

Increase sales and profits by selling online.

Get free business advertising from by guest posting on our site.

Your post must be related to the bookselling and/or publishing industry to be accepted.

For example, if you have something to say about bookselling, book scouting, publishing, self-publishing, antiquarian book collecting, book marketing, book website promotion, your brick-and-mortar bookstore, or just about anything else having to do with buying and selling books -- either new or used -- then we want to hear from you!

Do you own a bookstore? Do you supply bookstores? Send us a 300 - 1,000 word article about your store along with a photograph of yourself in front of or inside your store and we'll post it here for FREE!

Guest blogging is a free way to promote your business. As a guest blogger, you get all the benefits of free business advertising with none of the cost.

This website has rapidly grown into a major information resource for the Internet bookselling community. In fact, it's in the top 5% of all websites world wide. It's one of the best free business advertising opportunities on the Internet.

It also gives tips and advice about buying and selling digital media such as DVDs, music CDs, and vintage VHS tapes.

If you sell digital products, then this is a great opportunity to receive free website advertising for your online business.

Showcase Your Writing Skills

Whether you buy or sell books, or if you're a vendor that supplies the online selling community with packing and shipping supplies, equipment, software, or educational information, then this is the place to share your best tips and advice as well as link back to your own website and promote your business for free.

You can comment on an existing article by filling out one of the forms shown below that appear at the end of each article, or you can write a full blow article of your own from 300 to 1,000 words to promote yourself, your business, or give a few great bookselling tips you're just dying to share.

If you have something interesting to say about the craft of selling books or digital media then you can be a guest blogger for us!

What better way to do it than with free business advertising?

Comments on existing articles should be limited to less than 300 words. Full blown articles should be submitted via eMail using our Contact Us form.

All comments and articles are pre-screened prior to publication to determine their appropriateness for this site.

As long as your articles meet our quality standards you may post as often as you like.

Okay, what are you waiting for?

We're anxious to hear from you so send us your ideas today and receive free web page advertising for your business!

Submit your comments or article(s) and we do the rest. Where else can you get no strings attached web site advertising for free? Especially on a high quality site that search engines take seriously?

If you sell books, DVDs, CDs, or VHS or if you supply businesses that do, then I urge you to take advantage of this risk free advertising opportunity.

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