How to Profit From Estate Sales

Earn big profits with estate sales.

If you want to sell used books online, estate sales are one of the best sources of highly profitable books.

No matter where you live, you can find sales that are overflowing with bargains.

Why Have These Sales?

There are many reasons to hold a sale. The most common reason is because the owner of the property has died and their remaining possessions need to be removed.

They are also held when people relocate and want to get rid of high volumes of stuff, but these are more commonly called moving sales. Naturally, these sales often have very valuable goods at low prices, since the family or the manager of the estate simply wants to clear out the house. Some estate sale business organizers may even hold auctions.

Sales are frequently conducted by a professional liquidator, because the size and scope of the estate may be too much for the family to handle.

You can easily find estate sales online by searching with your favorite search engine, or by using a website dedicated to listing sales.

Newspapers are a great source to check for local sales. Many sales are poorly advertised, so spending a few minutes driving around your neighborhood might yield a few estate sales in your area.

The Anatomy of a Sale

There are many treasures to be found.

Nearly all of them have books that must be sold, and typically in higher quantities than most sales, which makes them great for the used bookseller.

It's very common to see stacks of books with bulk pricing offers, which means you can really save.

More often than not, rare editions, valuable hardcovers and recent textbooks slip through the cracks and you can find some very hot titles at local estate sales.

One of the most important estate sale tips that many forget is very simple: arrive early!

Sales are very popular among collectors from all fields, and it's easy to understand why.

Many professional liquidators have a loyal following of dealers, collectors, and high volume buyers that are notified of sales being held.

If you show up even a half hour late, some of the best items will be gone, and most of the stock already picked over.

Showing up on time is paramount, so map your route beforehand.

If you’re going to multiple sales in one day, make sure you plan your schedule so you can get to each one as early as possible.

You'll still be able to walk away with armloads of books if you come late, but that rare novel that would fetch hundreds on eBay was probably snagged before you arrived.

Often the liquidators and families holding sales will list contact information in the advertisement, and it's always worthwhile to call.

You can find out what kind of books they have, how many are available, and you might even get them to put some aside for you.

Also, you'll know if going to the sale looking for books will be a waste of your time. There's nothing to lose by asking, but a lot to gain.

Good hunting!

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