Best Places to Find
Cheap Used Books to Sell
for a Profit Online

By Joe Waynick

You can still find very cheap used books and sell them for huge profits on the Internet. Even though the world is becoming more digital than ever, the used book market remains highly profitable.

Make big money selling used books!

Most of the time, used book sellers have to do very little work, list their merchandise for free, and make a huge profit because the cost of used books is so low.

The secret isn't in some special technique or website, it's just knowing where to look and keeping your eyes peeled.

Here are some of the best places to find cheap used books to sell for a profit online:

Library Book Sales

Libraries are always looking to clear out old books to make room for new ones. That's why library book sales is where you'll always find a bookseller plying his trade.

Most libraries regularly hold a library book sale where hard-bound books in excellent condition go for incredibly low prices.

Many times these are text books, reference books, or rare editions of novels that can be sold for a considerable amount of money.

Keep an eye out in your local paper for these sales, as there are always bargains to be had.

Also, many libraries have a “friends of the library” program where books are sold to raise money, and there are typically great finds there as well.

Garage Sales

Yard and garage sales are fantastic for finding books of all varieties. Here you tend to come across old, rare works that can be worth quite a bit. These garage sale tips will help you make the most of this source.

Many people who are running garage sales just want to clear the “junk” out of their house, and they aren't willing to spend the time doing research on the old books they have.

Prices at garage sales are usually very low. You can pick up garage sale books for pennies on the dollar, and in high volumes.

Unfortunately, many of them are in poor condition, so a discriminating eye is needed if you're going to use this source for selling cheap books online. But make not mistake, garage sale books can be highly profitable, especially if you're just starting out.

Estate Sales

Like garage sales, estate sales tend to have a very high volume of books available. Especially if you have a luxurious estate for sale in your area. Wealthy people tend to have the most expensive books.

In addition, estate sale books tend to have less damage and are simply possessions that the family doesn't have room or the desire to keep.

You're more likely to find high value inventory here that's suitable for online bookselling.

I've done quite well watching estate sale ads. So you definitely want to learn as many estate sale tips as you can and get your fair share.

Thrift Stores

Thrift store books can be real goldmines for finding cheap used books for sale if you know where to look. Many thrift stores offer per book pricing with little regard to condition, editions, etc., so some gems can be found on the shelves.

Since thrift stores frequently replenish their inventory it is always good to go back and check on a regular basis, since you never know what you might find.

Snapping up books in thrift stores can be very lucrative if you know the proper techniques for being a good thrift store shopper.


Now that you've found all of these great books, how do you take advantage of this bookseller opportunity?

The best options for used book buyers tend to be marketplaces that don't require any up-front costs, such as Amazon, eBay, and

All of these services allow you to list a product for free, and they take a small commission out of the sale price.

This means that you can start earning money as an Internet bookseller today without any investment other than your time and the cost a few cheap used books.

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