Finding The
Best Products to Sell Online

By Joe Waynick

Every wonder, "Just what are the best products to sell online?" The answer can mean the difference between making a profit or suffering huge losses.

Books, CDs, and DVDs Earn Huge Profits

After all, there's an infinite number of products that can be sold profitably. Which should you choose?

There are three media products that are ideally suited for selling on the Internet. They are:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Compact Disks

Why is selling books, DVDs, and CDs ideal for making money online?

The reasons are numerous, but lets discuss the major ones. For example, one or more of these products are used by virtually every man, woman, and child above the age of ten every single day.

Some are used out of necessity, some for pure entertainment and fun. For instance, lots of books are read daily for sheer pleasure.

In addition, they are good products to sell from home because they're small, light weight, and can be easily shipped anywhere in the world.

Massive Demand

But they're all potential customers who are part of a huge worldwide market.

These are consumer products purchased in large quantities every single day by millions of people. Just how big is the market?

In 2009 bookselling giant reported a massive $24.51 billion in sales. That's a lot of reading, watching, and listening!

When was the last time you read a book? When was the last time you watched a DVD or listened to a CD? Are you atypical or do you think you're an average person?

Plentiful Supply

To run a profitable business you need a plentiful source of the best products to sell online. You can sell cheap used books online, DVDs, and CDs that can be found in large numbers in almost any geographical location for pennies on the dollar.

Millions of books are waiting to be found and then sold on the Internet

Just how many books are out there? R.R. Bowker reports that approximately 175,000 books are published every year.

That works out to about 479 published books per day. Take it one step further and you discover there are nearly 20 books published per hour, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Wow! When I sell my used books online it’s not unusual for me to make 10 times my cost in profit.

USA Today reported about 1.9 billion DVDs are sold annually. That's 5.2 million DVDs sales per day. With a market that huge, you can sell used DVDs online very profitably.

According to, 2008 North American CD sales topped $4.9 billion. At an average cost of $15 per CD, that comes to about 326,666,667 CDs - about 894,977 sales per day. Consequently, selling used CDs can significantly add to your bottom line.

As you can see, finding products to sell online is far easier than you imagined.

Books, CDs, and DVDs Earn Huge Profits

Inexpensive to Acquire

A knowledgeable book scout can find books for 25 cents to $5 every single day that sell for $5 - $200 or more on the Internet.

For example, if you learn just a few simple techniques to find the best products to sell online, you can turn common yard sales into a profit center that generates $1,000 or more per month.

You can also buy books from second-hand Thrift Stores that sell for $25 or more for a buck or two. You profit $20 and up after your cost and commissions!

Learn my guerrilla scouting methods for attending library book sales and buy books, DVDs, and CDs for 25c to $1 that sell for $8 - $100 online.

Internet Bookselling Made Easy! How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online reveals dozens of sources of merchandise that can be bought inexpensively and resold for huge profits. You just need to know where to look to find them.

Diversify Your Income Streams

A fourth product I've found that can be profitable, if carefully selected, is to sell vhs movies.

I've bought used vhs tapes for as little as 25c and sold them for $229!

Once you've built a solid income from the three best products to sell online and learned where to sell used books, you can branch out into other highly profitable merchandise to sell on Amazon, eBay, and a dozen other marketplaces.

There's no reason you can't get your share of the multi-billion dollar eCommerce phenomenon. With the right information and your own determination and commitment, success can be yours!

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