Choosing a Name for
Your Online Used Book Store

By Joe Waynick

How important is the name you choose for your online used book store?

I used to believe that for small, independent Internet booksellers it wasn't too terribly critical to over think your company name.

In fact, I wrote in my book, Internet Bookselling Made Easy! that 3rd party booksellers couldn't expect much in the way of repeat business.

Therefore, it wasn't necessary to put a great deal of thought into a company name.

But I'm beginning to change my mind about that.

When I look over the vast array of 3rd party seller bookstore names on Amazon I often wonder if a valid case can be made for booksellers to choose their company name more wisely.

Business Marketing Begins With Your Name

It's never too early to start making a positive impression on customers for your online used book store. When you write your business plan you want to dream up a catchy name that easily rolls off your tongue that's appealing to buyers.

However, selecting a clever name doesn't automatically mean you're going to start making easy money online right away.

But having a company name that's great eye candy may be just the edge you need to attract the best used book buyers and clinch a sale if all other factors are equal.

Clever, catchy business names seem to capture the interest of buyers.

And I think giving customers warm fuzzy feelings throughout the entire sales process also shows up in your bookseller rating and positive feedback scores.

Who's to say otherwise?

There are companies that pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to marketing firms to come up with a catch name and spiffy logo design. Shouldn't small sellers spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about a decent name when contemplating their online home based business ideas?

Your Name Should Be Relevant

When I decided on "" for my online used book store, I wanted something generic enough that it would allow me to do more than sell books and magazines.

That way my customers weren't locked into only buying used book store merchandise. I could be a general retailer.

So far in addition to books, I've been able to make money online selling CDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, audio books, porcelain tea cups, real estate courses, black berries, computer software, board games, used DVDs online, and probably a few other things I can't remember right now.

Ideally, your business name reflects the types of products and services you offer. For example, art book sellers wouldn't want to call their businesses "Frank's Plumbing," or even "Acme Books."

People fine arts bookstores probably want that reflected in their business name. And that will help you build the most profitable online business possible. Even if you only sell used books on line.

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Try to choose a name that creates a natural attraction for buyers when they think about your offerings.

Consider your marketplace venue too, because e-Bay selling techniques are vastly different than those used when selling through your Abe book store.

In fact, take the time to review some of the names of the online used book store owners currently selling on Amazon, AbeBooks, and Alibris.

Are certain names more appealing to you than others?

Think about crafting a similar name that uniquely identifies you and your business. It's as fundamental as purchasing basic office supplies.

After all, if choosing a really cool business name gives you the competitive edge you need to capture the next sale, you owe it to yourself to do the best you can when you name your business.


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