Basic Office Supplies Every
Home-Based Business Must Have

Guest Post By Megan Wright

Every home -based business needs certain basic office supplies to run smoothly and efficiently.

Without the essentials, you'll stumble around wasting effort and money when you could be doing productive work to build your income.

That's because effective time management in business can mean the difference between making a profit or taking a huge loss.

For example, you'll obviously need a good desk and chair for your office when you work at home, that's the easy part. Also, it goes without saying that you should shop around to save money on any supplies you buy. Here is a list of items that would be useful in any home office.

Stapler and Staples: A stapler may seem like a simple thing, but it's very useful when you want to keep all of your documents together. Many people seem to overlook this item but it's necessary in any office. Also, don't forget the staples!

Hole Punch: Again, this may seem like a simple item, but it's another very helpful tool.

If you aim to keep all of your documents neat and organized, then you may want to have the ability to store documents in a three ring binder. Documents such as your business plan will not go neatly into a binder if they don't have holes in them.

File Folders: Folders are essential in an office that intends to be organized.

If you label your folders and store them in a file cabinet, then you can't go wrong by including them when you purchase your basic office supplies.

Paper Clips: Paper clips can be used instead of staples if you don't want to damage your documents.

Even if you don't think you'll use very many paper clips, they're still handy to have around because you never know when you might need one.

Pens, Pencils and Highlighters: These may seem trivial, but they're essential. You won't visit many offices that don't keep a good supply of pens, pencils and highlighters. If you're more of a pen person, don't rule out using a pencil because it can be just as handy.

Pencil Sharpener: This is something I frequently forget. I'm usually fully equipped with my pens and pencils, but I always forget the pencil sharpener.

It's unbelievable how many times I've had to ask for a sharpener. A good pencil sharpener is essential even for an online used book store operating in the digital age.

Erasers: This is another item that I always seem to forget. Again, if you have pencils around the office, then this is an essential part of your basic office supplies.

Notepads: Keep notepads by the phone at all times.

Instead of running around trying to find a scrap of paper to jot down a quick message, just keep a pad by the phone so you're already prepared for important calls.

Also, just having a notepad on your desk is convenient when you have that flash of inspiration and want to write it down.

Paper: Good quality copy paper is always necessary. It's best to save money on printer supplies and buy copy paper by the carton to get the best value.

If you buy it a ream at a time you'll pay an arm and a leg. Despite they myth of the paperless office, you'll use plenty of paper in your printer.

Scissors: Even if you don't need scissors on a daily basis or very often at all, you still need them as part of your basic office supplies.

Scotch Tape: This is an old fashion office supply but it still comes in handy a surprising number of times in a typical work week.

These are the basic office supplies that online money making businesses need. Make sure you have all of these items if you want to start your own business successfully.

Also, with the proper selection of back office supplies you'll never find yourself saying 'I wish I had that pencil sharpener now.'

Author Bio

Megan Wright is a passionate blogger and loves to write about anything business related. She can be found blogging at

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