Practical Tips on How to Find Used Textbooks for Sale

Finding used textbooks for sale is very helpful for many college students. After all, school tuition is already pretty high. When you include the cost of textbooks, the price is enormous.

Therefore, a lot of practical college students opt to either rent textbooks or buy used text books. This saves them a lot of money which they use for other expenses.

Due to the large demand for textbooks, Internet booksellers who sell used college text books have learned that it’s a viable business.

Students do it all the time. After finishing a class many of them resort to selling textbooks online to help pay for their next set of books. They also have the privilege of helping another person out by providing textbooks for a lower price than new ones.

One way to enter the market is to start a textbook buyback service. A couple of examples of such websites are and This gives students who have used textbooks for sale the option of just browsing the internet to find websites that buy and sell used text books online.

More Sources for Textbooks

In addition to the sources mentioned in the article “Cheap College Textbooks,” here are a few more places to buy and sell text books for cash.

Your first source should be to go to the mall near your home and find out if it has a used book store. Some of my very best deals were found in used book stores. Often, you have the ability to negotiate prices with the store owner if you buy enough books. In addition, you have the ability of observing what books others are buying, which gives you a clue about what’s popular.

Visit college campuses in your area and post notices on bulletins indicating that you’re in the market to buy textbooks. You can also post bulletins announcing that you sell college text books.

While there, take note of what kind of books are for sale. If there’s an over abundance of a certain title, that may be an indicator of what NOT to buy because it’s obsolete.

Next you can try browsing the Internet for textbooks. Just go to your favorite search engine and type “used textbooks for sale” and you’ll be surprised by the number of hits you get. There are a lot of people selling used college textbooks because it’s a very lucrative business.

To get the best price for the textbooks you buy don’t go for the first one you find online. Browse through several websites and compare prices. From there, you’ll be able to gauge which site offers the best deal.


Finding used textbooks for sale is easy if you know where to look. It’s not unusual to buy textbooks for $25 - $50 and resell them within a couple of weeks for $75 - $100. That’s especially true during textbook season, just prior to the start of a new school year or semester.

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