Selling Textbooks Online

By Joe Waynick

A good reason for selling textbooks online is the convenience you provide to your customers.

Students are busy and cash strapped. They want convenience and cost effectiveness.

Buying online is a good way to achieve this. Many students buy used textbooks for the margin notes because using pre-existing notes is a good way to cut down on study time.

If you only need the used textbook for a short time textbook rental is also a good option.

Some students like to browse through used book stores looking for that ancient out of print work. Others take advantage of online retailer’s textbook buy back options.

When they are through with the book they sell it back and regain a large part of their money. It’s also easier to change or cancel your order if you buy online.

Where to Buy Textbooks for Resale

The easiest way to find used textbooks online is to use the search engine of your choice and search for “used textbooks,” or “used text books.”

You’ll find thousands of retailers who sell college text books. Probably your first choice should be Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They have a wide selection of used textbooks at fair prices. Often shipping is free.

It’s never been easier to find good salable inventory online that you can resell for huge profits.

There are many places to buy cheap college textbooks online. Major online stores such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble sell used textbooks. Amazon and Barnes & Noble both have affiliate programs that allow you to sell their used text books to others and earn money too.

Ebay is another place where used textbooks are sold. Many retailers are selling textbooks online as well as being a textbook buyer.

Where to Sell Textbooks Online

The used textbook business is a great way to make money online. There are colleges and Universities filled with potential customers everywhere. All of them want to buy used text books as conveniently and inexpensively as possible.

There’s no more convenient place to shop for used textbooks than online. You can also be a textbook buyer and utilizing the textbook buyback strategy you can recycle your used textbooks making money every time.

The most popular ways for selling textbooks online is on Amazon and Ebay. They are called online marketplaces and to make money you need to open a seller’s account and list your used textbooks for sale. Once a sale is made it’s your responsibility to ship the product to the customer. The marketplace will charge you fees but you can still make a lot of money selling textbooks online this way.

Make sure you keep accurate records. This is very important with any business, but especially important on the Internet. With an online business there’s no paper trail unless you print out receipts and invoices. Uncle Sam will want this information at audit time, so be prepared.


There are many ways of buying and selling textbooks online. If you know what you’re looking for the whole process of buying used textbooks could take you as little as fifteen minutes. Have fun and you’ll make lots of mony buying and selling used textbooks online using the above techniques.

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