Sell College Text Books for Cash

By Joe Waynick

When you sell college text books online you discover one of those rare opportunities in life where you find a way to make extra income while helping others save money.

Most college students have extremely limited income so they are always looking for ways to cut expenses and save money for tuition fees.

One place where they could really use those savings is when buying college textbooks.

College bookstores are notorious for high mark ups on textbooks knowing that students need these books to stay current on assignments.

They sell books at such high prices it gouges into the disposable income of most students and even forces many of them to find other places to purchase the textbooks they need.

That's why people making money online who help others save money are the most selfless individuals I can imagine. As an added bonus, selling old text books one of the most profitable Internet business opportunities around.

Find Sources of Supply

The first thing you need to do is find a few sources of used text books. The best way is to place advertisements in campus newspapers announcing that you're buying used college books.

College students who need income often sell college text books once the semester is completed so they can afford to buy books for their next class.

Rummage sales, yard sales, and garage sales are also good places to search for used textbooks for sale. That's how you go offline for online profits.

If you pay the students a few dollars more for their textbooks than what the bookstore is willing to pay to buy back books you should have an ongoing source of current used college textbooks to choose from.

Where to Sell Your Books

One of the best places to sell college text books is online through websites like Amazon,, TextbooksRUs, and eBay.

Although there are a number of other sites where you can sell college text books as well, these sites are familiar to the largest number of people.

Once you set up your account with each website you can list the textbooks you have for sale so that people can immediately see if you have the books they need.

When you sell used textbooks for a few dollars less than college bookstores you'll soon build a steady business from college students who want to save money.

In addition, these students are likely to post your site on their Facebook and Twitter pages to inform their friends of where they got such good deals on their used textbooks.

Let Your Profits Grow!

By selling textbooks online, you can make a nice little profit for yourself while saving those struggling college students money. In short, you're able to make money selling books online while helping others.

Often, once they've graduated and begun their careers, they wish they had kept certain old college textbooks to use for reference when the need arises.

So there's the chance for more repeat business when graduates are looking for used reference books if you maintain good customer relationships.

It's a win/win situation for everyone when you're selling college textbooks online except those bookstores who continue to sell overpriced books to the students who need them.

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