New Google eReader Launched

Google eBooks has partnered with Iriver and released a new Google eReader dubbed the Story HD. With a retail price of $139.99 it comes with an electronic paper display, XGA (768 x 1,024) resolution, 63.8% more pixels, and much quicker page turning.

It’s processor is provided by Freescale Semiconducteor which uses the ARM Cortex technology. It sports a QWERTY keypad and supports EPUB and PDF formats with Digital Rights Management (DRM) security protocols.

With a reported battery life of up to six weeks from a single charge, Google is demonstrating once again that it is serious about being a major player in the eBook reading devices marketplace.

The new 7.3-ounce Story HD can be purchased online as well as at Target department stores nationwide.

More people are reading eBooks all the time. But brighter days are ahead for used booksellers.

Even though the world continues to march ever closer to a paperless society, Internet bookselling is still hot.

That may be hard to believe right now in the middle of the summer slump.

But Internet booksellers the world over will breathe a heavy sigh of relief when the holiday season is upon us, starting with Halloween and lasting through Christmas.

That’s when the big money selling books online is made and the season will make or break many booksellers.

Still, printed books are in plentiful supply even with a new Google eReader and if you want to maintain sales you must move away from the commodity inventory and focus either on the collectible market ($50 and up).

Or you can go for fast turnover inventory with slim margins by focusing on better ranked books (below 100,000 Amazon sales rank).

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