eBook Reading Devices vs. Printed Books

By Joe Waynick

There is no question that eBook reading devices have a tremendous impact on how we read books.

Recent surveys show that eBooks enjoyed a remarkable rise in popularity with the advent of the iPad, Nook, Google Nexus, and especially the Kindle Fire.

These reading systems helped to expand readership of daily materials such as newspapers and magazines.

In addition, they have fostered new interests in novels and non-fiction books.

The advent of eBook reading devices has been truly remarkable, however, there are still solid reasons for not abandoning books in the printed form.

In fact, there are some considerable advantages to owning printed books as well as reading eBooks on something like a Kindle wireless device to help promote even more reading in your family.

Lets examine a few advantages to printed books:

Pride of Ownership

Yes, when you purchase an eBook on your Kindle wireless reading device or other eBook reading devices you own it in the sense that it appears on the screen and you can access it anytime that you wish.

Many believe that electronic devices will destroy the printed word. I bet they also believe in the tooth fairy too.

However, a printed book is something that you can see on the shelf, hold in your hands and pass down through generations.

You can leave an inscription or have one from the author which adds value to your printed book that cannot be done with current eBooks.

That’s A Loaner

Are you willing to loan an eBook? I’m pretty sure you are since they are relatively inexpensive.

However, are you willing to loan your Kindle Fire along with it? I believe you may be less likely to do so.

Here is where printed books have another advantage in that you can loan them to your friends and family without worrying about handing over an expensive device.

Plus, there is something more personal about loaning out a printed book vs. an electronic device.

Inexpensive The Second Time Around

While reading eBooks is fairly inexpensive, you can often purchase used printed books for very little money.

In fact, you can purchase used books for pennies on the dollar in some cases as public libraries in particular hold library book sales of their old books for a fraction of their original value.

Unfortunately, eBooks tend to stay the same price in many cases once they come off the best seller list.

They do not gain any personality from their previous owners; no character as they age. They remain the same as long as the format that carries them is still popular.

Time Heals All Wounds

Technology changes at a rapid pace, yet there are books dating back a thousand years or more that can still be read and used. Imagine how long eBook reading devices will still be relevant.

Given how fast such devices as the Kindle Fire are developed, sooner than we may realize the formats that support eBooks are destined to change, forcing us to purchase new types of eBooks reading devices.

Remember, the next new Google eReader is just around the corner.

That’s not much different than when we changed from vinyl records and cassettes to CDs. But a book is here to stay. A thousand years from now people will still be able pick one up and read it, assuming it’s been kept in good shape.

eBook reading devices have many advantages, but the tried and true printed book still has a few advantages of its own.

A book special enough to read and re-read as a Kindle book is good enough to purchase as a printed book and keep it on your bookshelf for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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