How to Increase Bookstore Sales by
Selling Books Online

By Joe Waynick

Bookstore owners! You can dramatically increase bookstore sales by selling your existing inventory online.

That’s exactly what thousands of independent bookstore owners around the world do… and they’re earning thousands more dollars each month. My book, Internet Bookselling Made Easy! will show you how.

Even if you’re already familiar with selling books online, you’ll still be astonished by the many different tips and techniques revealed in this book. Whether you’re an experienced online bookseller or novice, there’s something in it for you.

Here’s Why It Works

Bookstore owners have a unique advantage over the usual book scouter, because the public frequently brings books to the store to trade or to sell that the store owner can acquire at rock bottom prices.

What owners of used book stores don’t realize is that many of the books they turn away can be purchased for pennies and easily sold online for dollars to increase bookstore sales.

For example, people frequently bring in their used books in hopes of selling or trading them for store credit, right?

How many of those do you turn down? Probably a lot, because they aren’t worth much online or in your store – unless you know what to do with them.

The section in the book on “incremental profits” will show you how to take those discards and turn them into thousands of dollars of profit per year!

After reading Internet Bookselling Made Easy! you’ll never turn away books brought to your store again.

Not only is it good public relations, it’s profitable too.

If someone brings a load of books to the store that doesn’t contain anything of interest, offer to dispose of the books for the customer as a free service so he or she doesn’t have to haul them back home.

Those undesirable books can be sold to a recycler to recoup your handling costs and further increase bookstore sales.

This is a great profit boost when handling books your Amazon pricing strategy doesn't cover.

If you want to encourage even more trade-ins from the public by publicizing your policy, you should read my article Free Advertising On The Net Can Boost Walk-In Traffic to Your Bookstore!

Little-known tips like that can mean the difference between profit and loss for some bookstores.

Low Cost of Entry

Starting an Internet bookstore using your existing inventory is easy because you have no start-up costs. You can limit your listings to marketplaces like that don’t charge a monthly listing fee to get in risk free.

To discover some of the current the trends in online bookselling marketplace seller conducted a survey of 1,949 booksellers that use its website. They learned that online used bookstore owners are “Silver Surfer” types who sell books online to escape the rat race. You can read about the full study at the AuctionByes website.

Increase sales and profits by selling online.

A Book Scouter Can be Your Best Friend

Bookstore owners can capitalize on that demographic by establishing relationships with a book scouter or two, and have them track down the most desirable books and bring them to the store.

You obviously give up some of the profit, but you get to increase the quality and quantity of books you carry for very little effort.

Being able to sell used books online is a marriage made in heaven for the brick and mortar bookstore owner. Inventory is already sitting on the floor, and more inventory walks in the door from customers and book dealers alike. There simply is no easier way to increase bookstore sales than that.

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