Free Advertising On The Net
Can Boost Walk-In Traffic to Your

By Joe Waynick

If you own a brick-and-mortar used bookstore we'll give you free advertising on the net and drive walk-in traffic to your store as well as Internet traffic to your own website.

Sound too good to be true? Well it's not.

We want to promote independent bookstores around the world with free book store marketing and we're willing to help you get more exposure for your business. It's as simple as that.

It's very difficult and expensive for small bookstores to get their name out and build brand awareness.

Every small company faces this hurdle but bookstore owners have it the most difficult because the competition from giants like Barnes and Noble booksellers and is so fierce.

Lets Promote Your Bookstore!

It's one thing to have a used and new bookstore open for business but what do you do next? How do you get customers to walk in the door?

One way to promote your business is to get exposure on the Internet. But getting to the top of page one on Google takes lots of time, and sometimes money as well.

Receiving a bit of free advertising from us helps you build your brand, communicate your ideas and business ethics to the public, creates customer loyalty, and ultimately gets you more business.

Our goal is to give bookstores free advertising on the net as a way to showcase their business to tens of thousands of shoppers and vendors every month.

It doesn't matter if you're a rare book collector or if you sell mass market paperbacks, we want to help you bring in more business.

Our site is in the top 5% of all websites worldwide and it's a major resource for online and physical booksellers around the globe. It's a search engine magnet and can be a virtual doorway to your brick-and-mortar book store, at no cost to you.

Here's How To Get Free Advertising On The Net

This promotion is for independent used bookstores only!

Just send us a 300 to 1,000 word profile about your bookstore as a text file along with an Internet link to a photograph of you either standing in front of your store or working inside your store so readers can see you in action.

The link can be to your own website or to a photo hosting website like Photo Bucket or Flickr. We don't host graphics on our website, so please don't send us photographs via eMail because we won't open them.

Within the story about your business you can include ONE LINK below the fold. In addition, you can have two more links in your signature box at the end of your article.

You can link back to your own website, your Facebook page, Twitter, or anywhere else that features your business. Sorry, but no affiliate links are allowed!

Submit your profile through our Contact Us Form for consideration. Please read the "Thank You" page you receive after using the Contact Us Form because it contains important information.

We'll review your submission for appropriateness before giving it our approval. We don't accept profiles about adult bookstores, or anything illegal or morally objectionable in our sole opinion.

We don't edit your profile for grammar so give us your best writing and make a great impression on readers when they find your store on our website. If your profile doesn't read well it won't be accepted.

Once approved, your profile will be posted free of charge for the entire world to see.

That's all there is to it.

Free Internet Advertising Helps Everybody Win

We get tens of thousands of page views every month and all that traffic is yours for the asking.

Getting free advertising on the net is the best way to promote your business and increase walk-in traffic without costing you a penny. All you invest is a little bit of your time.

Creating your free bookstore profile on our website is a win-win proposition.

Featuring stories about bookstores provides more information and resources to our many readers, and that improves their Internet browsing experience.

By including your business along with listings of other reputable bookstore owners, our online presence strengthens and grows, and we both benefit.

You're providing us your business profile and we're giving you free advertising on the net. Heads you win, tails you don't lose!

We're Building a Global Presence

We want to post profiles from bookstores in Houston to bookstores in New York City.

But lets not stop there.

We want to profile international booksellers too, including bookstores in Oshawa Ontario, to Europe, Asian, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. Booksellers the world over are invited to be profiled here.

Knowing how to start a bookstore is not enough. You have to promote your store to get business. French book sellers face the same problems of never having enough publicity as German booksellers.

Getting free advertising for your business is one of the easiest and most profitable money making ideas on the Internet for a secondhand book seller.

We encourage all bookstore owners to take advantage of this LIMITED TIME offer to get free advertising on the net and receive the attention your independently owned used bookstore deserves.

So start building your brand with this free bookstore marketing and get more customers for your business today!

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