How Can Kids Make Money
Selling Used Books?

By Joe Waynick

How can kids make money in this tough economic environment?

Making money is difficult enough for adults in this day and age; never mind how hard it is on kids to put a few bucks in their pockets.

But times have changed and now even the part-time jobs kids have traditionally landed are few and far between.

To make money these days kids have got to get creative in order to earn it. Fortunately, there's a solution within reach of every kid, and adult, in America (and Canada, Brittan, Germany, France, and just about anywhere else you can think of).

Kids Can Sell Things They Know About

So how can kids make money without work experience in this economy? Well, it's hard to know where to put your efforts when you first begin choosing a home-based business, especially with how kids and money go together.

But a great solution is to put them to work selling a product they know best -- and that's books.

For example, college textbooks can get insanely expensive, often over $200 per book. The price never seems to fit the book itself but since they are required for most college courses, students have to buy them.

Another item that comes easy for kids is comics. It doesn't take much effort to teach a kid how to sell comic books. It just comes naturally.

Of course, most students don't have that kind of money to throw around and they end up sifting through local bookstores and online markets to find books at a price they can afford.

However, the frugal shopper can find everything from textbooks to classical novels at a price that is often just pennies on the dollar that can be turned around and sold for five to 15 times what it cost to buy.

For kids and students, selling books online will pay more than most minimum wage jobs, and at the same time they can keep hours that are flexible enough to fit demanding school schedules. And that's one of the most profitable internet business ideas around for young people trying to figure out how can kids make money.

Where to Buy Books

Kids and young adults can start with finding used book stores and buying up inexpensive used books that are in decent condition.

Non-fiction hardcover books are usually more appealing to most buyers. And textbooks are often worth far more online than they are in the majority of used bookstores.

Just hunt down the most sought after titles and buy up as many as you can afford. For the quickest cash find out if there are schools in your area with a campus book store that will buy back those textbooks.

Campus buyback programs normally offer you about half to two thirds of the amount they charge but this is still going to be far more than the two or three dollars you’ll find they cost at local thrift stores.

How can kids make money with this information? By taking advantage of the huge markup between thrift store prices and end consumers.

Thrift stores are also great please to go when you're looking for used DVDs to sell online.

Before you run off and buy a lot of books and used cheap DVDs you'll want to do some online research to learn which items are selling for the highest dollar amount. You certainly don't want to invest in used VHS and DVD movies that nobody wants.

It's The Perfect Part-Time Business

How kids can make money differs from person to person. For example, not everyone has access to a campus bookstore. You'll need access to certain resources like the Internet if you want to learn how to make money real fast.

For instance, you'll need to know where to sell books online the most profit. Luckily there are many places on the Internet that sell used books and they frequently sell for much more than at local used bookstores. Just remember the basic principle, to buy low and sell high.

You'll also need to get used to describing books that you list for sale online so people know exactly what they are buying.

It doesn't matter if you sell used fiction books or if you sell vintage books to book collectors. You can even specialize as a science fiction book seller. This is how kids make money that is quick and easy using this awesome method of selling secondhand books online.

Of all the money making ideas for kids this is one of the simplest to do. It doesn't take much capital to start, and if you buy the right kind of books, the payoff is quick.

So if you're ever asked how can kids make money you can teach them not only how to earn a few dollars, but you teach them independence and give them a taste of entrepreneurship. Selling used books is a great opportunity for adults and a chance to make money fast for kids too.

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