How Kids Make Money Selling Books Online

By Joe Waynick

If parents understand how kids make money they can teach them good values and strong work ethics.

The good news is that there are income opportunities out there that fit any age, and in this article we're going to share information about selling used books online for kids.

Your children, especially teenagers, can do productive and profitable work if you simply show them how. And earning income online is one way to do it with little or no risk from the comfort of your home.

Do Your Homework

It’s hard to be a kid and make money these days. Jobs are already hard enough to find, particularly part-time jobs that work with school schedules.

Thanks to online shopping and savvy shoppers looking for good deals, anyone can make money selling just about anything online, but book selling is especially profitable.

In fact, few home-based businesses that make money can be started and operated as easily as selling books online.

Your kids can earn independence and CASH selling used books online.

That being said, to understand how kids make money they'll need to do a little research online, comparing prices, checking out which books are the best sellers and for what price. They may even want to learn some of the trends in online bookselling.

The last thing they want to do is randomly buy books just to find out they'll never make their money back, let alone make more money, because they ended up paying too much for their purchases.

In the beginning parents might want to help their kids make money selling books by teaching them the ropes when it comes to researching book prices online vs. profit margins.

Start Browsing

Teens make money online by setting aside time to visit thrift stores, half priced book shops, yard sales and local library sales events.

You can pick up books from these places for less than a dollar and you never know when you'll stumble on a valuable treasure in the form of a classic hard cover novel or textbook; priceless.

How can kids make money doing this? They can pull it off because most people don't want to be bothered with doing the research and spend a portion of their free time thrift store shopping.

The truth is that once the kids have the system down, it's no longer a chore and can actually be a lot of fun; particularly as they watch their profits start to build. It's the best home-based business I know.


If you or your college age kids have ever had to purchase a textbook for school you know how insanely expensive they are.

Some textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars for just one book and if you get the loose leaf editions they are still in the triple digits! Even some of the premier novels will inflate in price, especially for hard cover editions.

It's astounding how much money publishers make selling textbooks but those profits don't need to stop there; selling used textbooks is a great way to make money fast for kids. Even worn textbooks sell for top dollar if they're the right ones.

How kids make money is to not only resell their own textbooks after the class is done, but to re-sell textbooks they buy from other students as Internet sellers.

Used textbooks can be a little harder to come by so the kids will need to get creative and keep their eyes open as they hit the sales.

Ready to Sell

There are several online websites that are perfect venues for selling books including Amazon and eBay. How kids make money online selling books is much easier then you might think once they get the system down.

Amazon even has a special program they call "Textbook Buyback" which is a great service for students who have their own textbooks to sell and want to save money on their next set of school books.

It actually doesn't matter where you purchase the books from; you'll still get 70% back when you sell your used college textbooks, and even novels at and you'll make real online profits.

Once they've selected a website, and they may even want to try both to compare, they simply sign up and wait for their books to sell.

Lots of kids make money selling on eBay and Amazon with their own home based business without a lot of hassle. It just takes a little time, effort and patience.

It's a great way to get some serious walk around money and at the same time fill a need; affordable textbooks and novels for online buyers. And it can develop into a great way of earning passive income.

An important part of youth development is how kids make money in a way that is healthy and honest. Learning how to make money online is a great step in the right direction.

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