Make Money Fast for Kids
Selling Books Online

If there was an easy, low cost way to make money fast for kids at home, wouldn't every parent do it? The sad reality is the answer to that question is "no," not every parent would do it.

Why? Parents love their children, don’t they? Besides, they love staying home with them every day, right? But in today's economy, it's getting harder and harder for couples to arrange for one parent to say at home with kids. And if you're a single parent -- forget it!

That's why creative parents are discovering ways to make money fast for kids where their kids can join in the family enterprise and actually have fun doing it!

Choose a Business That’s Easy

One trick to learning how kids can make money is to give them something they can handle. Selling used books online is the perfect business for children ages 12 and older because it requires very little start-up capital and it’s easily understood.

Children can accompany parents on scouting trips to find valuable books to sell. Those trips may include yard sales, estate sales, or even a few library book sales.

These are easy wins for kids because you encourage and strengthen their self-esteem by making sure they experience early successes. Reward them with money and privileges at home. Doing so will teach them early in life about the value of money and what it takes to earn it.

If your children demonstrate they’re willing to work with you, sit with them and create a plan on how they can best contribute.

You can make money fast for kids and strengthen your household budget if your child can understand and appreciate what’s in it for him or her, then you’re more likely to recruit a great worker. That’s a lot better than children expecting to receive all their spending money from birthdays and allowances.

Choose a Business That’s Fun!

Children often get bored very quickly. Mixing a healthy dose of fun goes a long way to building a successful enterprise. Imagine the delight on the faces of your kids while they’re poking around garage sales hunting for hidden literary treasures.

We’re not talking about Shakespeare here; there are many children's books that can be sold for hundreds of dollars. You can buy those books for a dollar or less at weekend sales.

In addition to books, try to sell used toys that are still in tip-top shape. Toys your own children have grown tired of can be a good place to start.

Choose a Business That’s Lucrative

There are many methods to make money fast for kids but few can grow into a real business like selling used books can.

Doing odd jobs around the neighborhood is fine for pocket change. But helping parents operate a real business generates significant income.

After all, how can kids make money if parents don't teach them what to do? An online used book business can easily generate $500 to $5,000 per month in profits. It all depends on how hard you want to work at it. Supplement your efforts with help from your kids and you’ll earn a sustainable income in no time at all.

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