How the Estate Sale Business Can Put Cash In Your Pocket

If you want to excel at selling used books, you need to understand the estate sale business.

Estate sales are one of the best sources of rare and used books, and the prices of goods at estate sales are better than you'll find at used book stores and conventional garage sales.

You can think of an estate sale as a massive liquidation, but of personal assets instead of business inventory. Estate sales are usually held when a person dies and the property needs to be emptied and prepared for sale.

Sometimes moving sales are called estate sales because they deliver fundamentally the same thing. The estate sale business is run by agents and brokers who specialize in organizing, advertising, and efficiently running estate sales. Having a few handy estate sale tips will help you profit.

Get Connected

Agents are always looking for collectors and buyers of all merchandise to add to their contacts, and building a good reputation with an agent is a great way to get the inside edge.

Getting to know estate sale business agents isn't difficult. Simply go to a few estate sales in your area and introduce yourself. The best way to prove that you're a serious buyer is to behave as a serious buyer.

Making bulk offers on books and showing that you know your stuff isn't just a good business practice, it's an excellent way to show agents that you're somebody that's worth knowing.

Ask them to add you to their mailing list for estate sale listings, or simply give a business card to brokers. Ask for theirs in return so you can start building your own contact list.

Once you've found local estate sales agents that have good listings and a diverse inventory of books available, start going to all of their sales. The more you visit their sales, even if you don't buy something every single time, the faster you’ll build a personal and business relationship.

Once a relationship is established, the more likely they are to tip you off when they have something of interest to you.

Make sure agents know precisely what you're looking for, and that you are always interested in volume offers. Agents want someone who will make their job easy and help them move as much merchandise as possible.

The estate sale business and the used book selling business are both about striking the best deal.

It's easier to deal with someone you know personally, so the more credibility you've established for yourself, the better.

Make sure that you know the “rules of the game” before you go to an estate sale. Be courteous and respectful to other buyers and avoid asking “beginner questions.”

This shows a broker that you mean business, and that you're somebody they should get to know.

Wrapping It Up

It goes without saying that even though you've created a good business relationship with a broker, you should still check estate sale listings on a regular business, and always seek new opportunities.

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