Finding Estate Sales Online

Finding estate sales online is one of the fastest, easiest ways to great used books to sell and start making money online immediately.

You can find a tremendous amount of high quality used books and other great, profitable goods for low prices. Taking advantage of estate sales in your area is one of the best ways to start making money online with no almost no initial investment.

You can think of an estate sale like a big garage sale. Estate sales are held when a property owner dies or moves, and they are frequently conducted by large liquidators and brokers. Sometimes a family may hold an estate sale independently.

Estate sales allow people to clear out large amounts of old possessions quickly and easily. The task of identifying and selling individual items is simply too great to deal with, so estate sales serve an important role in helping families wrap up a loved one's affairs.

Estate sales are a very important source for a used books business. Looking for estate sales online is a useful way to find bulk quantities of books for pennies on the dollar.

Most people have a basement or an attic full of old books that they simply want to get rid of. Unless they were a serious collector, they won't have their valuable books identified, and most liquidators are not experts in used books.

Most are very unlikely to see the value in old books, and will happily give them to anyone who will take them. You can then take them and sell your books online for very lucrative profits.

Because of this, you can make bulk offers and buy large quantities of books at estate sales. Frequently, you can purchase books for 10 cents each or even less if you offer to buy the entire lot, or a significant portion of what the seller has available. Generally, the more you buy the better your price per book, so it may be worth it to pick up a handful of junk titles to get the good ones.

Of course, you need to find estate sales online in the first place. There are many great websites to not only search for listings, but also be alerted when an estate sale is taking place in your area.

For example, lets you search nationwide, list a sale of your own, and get an eMail alert when there are new estate sales online.

And is another nationwide search website, and they feature a newsletter so you can always be in the know about the estate sale business.

Finally, is a great place to find local estate sales, and also share tips and tricks with others to succeed in the bargain hunting game.

You may not think that going to estate sales to search for used books to sell on Amazon, eBay, and other websites is worth it, but you're missing out on an incredibly easy way to put cash in your pocket.

One of my best finds was a copy of “An Evening with Danny Kay” on VHS for only 75 cents. I was able to sell it for $229 only a week later! I made over two hundred dollars profit by investing less than one, and I only spent the time browsing an estate sale and spending a few minutes online to make a listing.

You can't argue with a result like that, so start looking for estate sales online and using these estate sale tips before you miss out on the next great deal.

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