Finding Local Estate Sales

Local estate sales are a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy used books to sell online. Estate sales generally have high volumes of books available, and brokers are willing to accept bulk and discount offers, making them a gold mine for collectors and book sellers alike.

Leveraging these estate sale tips will make your used book selling business take off like never before.

There are many great ways to find local estate sales without spending any time or money. If you get a local newspaper, estate sales are almost always advertised through traditional print media, so you can start bargain hunting right away.

If you don't subscribe to a newspaper, you can still find the same ads in most “freebie” newspapers available locally. If the selection of sales isn't as good in the free newspapers, learn when brokers tend to take out ads, and then only buy one paper a week. This will save money and deliver the same results.

Go Sightseeing

Many sales are poorly advertised, or not promoted at all beyond a sign at the property. Once you learn the busy times for the estate sales in your area, it may be worthwhile to drive around the bigger neighborhoods in your town to look for estate sale signs.

Selling books requires you to be vigilant and proactive, and simply driving around with your eyes peeled can result in some huge finds, and lots of cash in your pocket.

Once you've found a few local estate sales, get to know the sellers and brokers who are organizing them. Estate sale brokers are looking to make their jobs simple and easy, and they are looking for high volume buyers to come to sales to make them more successful.

If you establish yourself as a serious buyer of used books, brokers may tip you off when a sale has good prospects for you. Also, you may find yourself getting the “friend” price if you regularly support a local broker. When you buy frequently and in bulk, everyone benefits.

This is one of the most closely guarded secrets to making money with estate sales.

A good reputation is paramount to achieving this goal, so always be courteous, and learn the general rules and expected behavior at estate sales.

If you've been at it for a while, you'll find that you aren't working as hard as you did when you started, because you have started to develop your reputation in the estate sale business.

The main take-away from this discussion is that you should always be prepared, and spending a little extra effort really pays off in the end.

The more you develop your bookseller expertise, the more money you will make, and the more brokers will welcome you to local estate sales.

To Cap It Off

Your strategy to sell used books is no different than how you approach any other business; build contacts, be professional, and always look to make a sweet deal.

* * * * *

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