June 2011 Blog Posts

June 1, Professional Writer, Author, & Self-Publisher Peter Bowerman Endorses "Internet Bookselling Made Easy!"
It's really gratifying when a true professional says nice things about your work. I'm a big admirer of Peter Bowerman and you can only imagine how I felt when I received this great testimonial from him...

Jun 4, Estate Sales In Your Area
If you want your used book selling business to take off, you need to find estate sales in your area to score the best bargains in town. Unlike garage sales where sellers don't have a real incentive...

Jun 5, How the Estate Sale Business Can Put Cash In Your Pocket
If you want to excel at selling used books, you need to understand the estate sale business.

Jun 9, Finding Local Estate Sales
Local estate sales are a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy used books to sell online. Estate sales generally have high volumes of books available, and brokers are willing to accept bulk...

Jun 10, Why I Started Selling Books Online
I recently did an interview about selling books online for Successful Home Based Business.com, and the first question I was asked was...

Jun 12, Estate Sale Tips That Help You Find Valuable Books
Use these estate sale tips to maximize your profit on used books. It's not enough just to go to an estate sale, you need to know what to look for, how to plan your time, how to establish a budget...

Jun 15, Reader Response: E-Books popularity versus book selling...
What about e-books and their impact on bookseller's?

Jun 16, Reader Response: Frustrated
Amazon has made this a deal-breaker for many sellers. They have approached sellers telling them they have the best selling solution since...

Jun 18, Finding Estate Sales Online
Finding estate sales online is one of the fastest, easiest ways to great used books to sell and start making money online immediately. You can find a tremendous amount of high quality used books.

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