May 2011 Blog Posts

May 2, Amazon Increases FBA Fees
Get ready for a shock. Amazon Increases FBA Fees to counteract negative economic conditions. How should you respond?

May 5, Is eBook Publishing Killing Printed Books?
Who says eBook publishing is killing printed books? Not me! If you think printed books are doomed, more power to you. That allows online booksellers to clean up! Read on to learn more...

May 12, Cheap Used Books
You can still find cheap used books and sell them for huge profits on the Internet. Even though the world is becoming more digital than ever, the used book market remains highly profitable.

May 14, Sell Books On Amazon? New Long-term FBA Storage Fees Start August 2011
If you sell books on Amazon using FBA for oversize items then get ready for a another shock! Starting in August Amazon is implementing a whopping $45 per cubic foot surcharge on oversize items.

May 15, What is FBA?
Sunday, May 15, 2011 3:49 PM

May 15, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. It is a distribution method where you as a bookseller ship your inventory to Amazon for storage in their warehouse.

May 20, Garage Sale Ads
When buying used books to sell online for a profit, knowing how to read garage sale ads is critical to being a successful bookseller. There's nothing worse than going to a garage sale hoping to...

May 21, Garage Sale Checklist
Every bargain hunter knows that to find the best deals, they need a garage sale checklist to organize their buying trips. After you've searched through the local garage sale listings for your area...

May 22, Online Bookselling For Fun & Profit
You can start your own online bookselling business part-time or full-time and earn a very nice living while having the time of your life.

May 26, How to Increase Bookstore Sales by Selling Books Online
Bookstore owners! You can dramatically increase bookstore sales by selling your existing inventory online. That's exactly what thousands of independent bookstore owners around the world...

May 28, My Online Book Store for Booksellers
These are my all-time favorite online book store books that every serious Internet bookseller should have in his or her business library. These books will help you with every aspect of...

May 30, Bookselling Blog Archive
Here is the complete bookselling blog archive of every post made from the very beginning. At, we offer great resources for online booksellers who need the latest information...

May 30, How to Profit From Estate Sales
If you want to sell used books online, estate sales are one of the best sources of highly valuable books. No matter where you live, you can find estate sales that are overflowing with bargains.

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