Used Book Sales Are a Goldmine!

By Joe Waynick
May 12, 2012

You can earn a fortune by attending used book sales and purchasing books for resale online as an Amazon bookseller.

Thousands of ordinary people just like you earn a living selling used books every single day doing just that.

Now you can too by duplicating their success by learning how to find book sales and figure out which ones are worth attending.

And finding a used book sale won’t be difficult because I’ll show you what to do every step of the way.

Plus you’ll get ongoing mentoring and support to help you succeed as a stay-at-home entrepreneur.

Library Book Sales

One of the most common used books sales are library sales. Every weekend thousands of public libraries sell discarded library books to the general public.

Most of those books can be purchased for ten cents to $3.00 and resold online for $5.00 to $100.00 or more by second hand booksellers.

It's true! And you can do it too. The best way to find library book sales in your area is to go to BookSaleFinder. Just click on your state and a list of all the upcoming library sales listed on the site will display. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many there are in your area.

Goodwill Thrift Stores

The grand openings always get the best merchandise in the region for the big day. And the bookshelves are usually bursting with valuable books.

You can find almost any non fiction book, buy and sell childrens books, scientific books, as well as new and used book titles. In addition, you'll find lots of book related ephemera. These items are perfect for internet book selling.

One of the most lucrative used book sales are when Goodwill holds a grand opening of a new store.

These events are very popular so if you want a decent opportunity to buy used books and not end up last in line you'd better arrive at lease three or four hours before the store opens because the books will be mobbed by local booksellers.

Church Fundraisers

Bring a folding chair, something to read, and a cooler with beverages and snacks so you'll be comfortable. The payoff will be well worth the wait for the patient book dealer.

Another little-known source for used book sales is church fundraisers.

Churches periodically hold sales to raise funds for their ministries.

Members of the congregation donate items of all kinds -- including books.

And you can usually buy them for a dollar or so for online bookselling.

Imagine picking through a box of seemingly worthless books that you can buy for a dollar each and finding some that you can sell online as an Internet bookseller every day for $15, $20, $50 and more. This is very common at fundraising events because sellers don’t know the true value of their discards. Selling used books just doesn't get any easier, and it happens all the time.

Be Prepared

You always want to bring the right equipment to used book sales. For example, in addition to making yourself comfortable while waiting for the sale to start, don't forget to bring your book scanner along with an extra battery.

Also, wear a comfortable pair of shoes because once the book sale starts you're going to be on your feet a lot.

Take a friend along if you can. Although it's not essential, two heads are always better than one. Besides, you'll both have fun.

Used Book Stores

Used book stores can be another great source of books. They periodically hold "parking lot" sales where they sell hardcover books for $1.

Since most physical stores also sell online you wont' find many bargains. But you can certainly use your store credit to pick up good deals.

In addition, used bookstores sometimes go out of business. Consequently, they hold a "going out of business" sale.

Book sales from failing businesses can be a very lucrative source of books to sell online.

Put these tips to good use and you'll be earning a respectable part-time or full-time income before you know it. If you want to learn more about online book selling, check out my bookselling blog.

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