Part 2: How I Speed Up My PC With PC Cleaner Skills

By Joe Waynick

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I'm now ready to speed up my PC.

In Part 1 you learned how to remove the external panel of the computer case and expose the internal workings to the world.

Now it's time to get down to work.

This is where you actually clean the dust out your machine to optimize its physical health and give yourself peace of mind.

Step Three: Blow Out The Dust

Once the panel is removed the rest of the job for the PC cleaner is pretty straight forward. Take the exposed machine to a well ventilated place like a backyard patio or open air workbench.

Now aim the nozzle of your compress air at the vital components of your computer and squeeze the trigger -- releasing a blast of air that kicks up ad flurry of dust and debris.

Keeping the inside of your machine clean helps it run cooler. That's good for your computer.

Make sure you don't just kick up a dust cloud only to have it settle back down on the internal components.

Blow the dust completely out of the unit, leaving the components dust free.

Don't forget to thoroughly blast the fan itself to dislodge any dust trapped in the blades.

Also, give the area around the hard drive a thorough dusting, as well as any external opening such as CD and DVD drives, floppy drives, and USB ports because dust loves to collect in those spaces.

Keep spraying until no more dust is kicked up by your air stream. That's when you know your system is clean and ready for use again for online bookselling.

Step Four: Boot Up!

Now that your system is all clean, the only remaining tasks are to replace the external case panel, reattach the power cord, plug it in and boot up.

Great business ideas are always the simplest.

This simple bit of maintenance performed as often as needed to keep your machine running clean and cool will greatly extend its life. It's what I did to speed up my PC.

Bookselling Requires Consistency

Successful book sellers are consistent in everything they do. They book scout regularly, they pack and ship regularly, and they keep regular maintenance schedules on their tools and equipment.

Their infrastructure is sound and they know they can rely on their computer systems to provide consistent, reliable service at all times.

Remember, annual cleaning is the minimum, but semi-annual or even quarterly visits by a PC cleaner may be necessary to help you make money online with reliable equipment and sell your book inventory with a minimum of hassle.

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