How to Turn Local Garage Sales Into
Profit Opportunities

By Joe Waynick

You see them every week, hoards of people going to local garage sales looking for used items on the cheap.

However, garage sales are not just for people looking for used shoes, worn clothes or old toys.

There are plenty of items you can get for pennies and turn into a profit if you know what to look for and how to re-sell them on the Internet.

Neighborhood garage sales are as American as apple pie. There are usually several happening in most communities across your city or town every weekend, especially during the warmer months. Most local garage sales occur during the late spring, summer and early months of fall.

Finding The Best Sales

Heading out to find garage sales is almost as easy as driving your car around the neighborhood every weekend. But finding the right garage sales with items you can buy and make a hefty profit is another matter.

To zero in on the best local garage sales you’ll want to look for garage sale ads in your newspaper.

Compact disks are a popular item to sell. Selling cds online can be a very profitable business.

In addition, scour Internet sites that advertise garage sales online that give you the greatest chance at finding profitable items, particularly multi family garage sale listings where a great deal of items may be up for purchase.

Note which newspapers and websites carry the most local garage sale listings and review them weekly so you don't miss any great opportunities.

What Should You Sell?

Obviously, you’ll want to make a list of high-profit garage sale items that are perfect for re-selling on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Specifically, look for used books, electronic devices, collectibles, and other in-demand items. How do you know what's in demand?

One good way is to open a free account on eBay and do a search of completed sales. You'll find out what sells most often and for the highest prices.

On Amazon, you'll find that selling books online is one of the best home based businesses you can start.

Usually, newspaper and Internet advertisements will have a list of items being offered, so you can select the best sales to attend.

Tips For Successful Garage Sale Shopping

Shop early! If you’ve never been to garage sale events, they usually start very early on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to find the best garage sale bargains.

Many local garage sales are open for business shortly after dawn, so be prepared to wake up early. But the good news is that generally by noon you should be through.

Be Prepared! Always make yourself a garage sale checklist so you can make the most efficient use of your time. Dress for the weather, so you stay comfortable.

Haggle! Prices are often only suggestions as to what the person selling the merchandise thinks they are worth.

At local garage sales you can frequently offer half or less of the stated price and get the item you want. Don’t be greedy or make silly offers for items, especially if they're worth far more than what the seller is asking.

Make a fair offer and if they refuse slowly go up on your bid until they do agree, especially if you know the item can be sold for more on Amazon or eBay.

One Final Tip!

If possible, carry a mobile device with you that can search eBay so you can discreetly see how much particular items are selling for online

You probably don’t want to do this in front of the people running the local garage sales. But it’s a good idea to look over what they have to offer, go back to your vehicle and check out the prices, then go back and make your purchases.

This is a great way to increase your online profits.

Use these garage sale tips whenever you go searching for garage and estate sales. A good weekend of bargain hunting can bring you a tidy sum of money if you've done a little homework, focused on what you want, and have properly organized your trip.

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