Local Garage Sale Listings
Put Profits In Your Pockets!

By Joe Waynick

Making money by selling items you buy from local garage sale listings doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.

And there are no great “garage sale secrets” either.

It’s just a matter of finding sales that have the best merchandise at the lowest price. Plenty of people have valuable items stashed away in their homes that they sell at garage sales without knowing their true value.

There are places online where people can post local garage sale listings and there are garage sale ads in newspapers. Whichever way you look for sales you can find something great.

How To Find Them

If you’re looking for local garage sales then your local paper or even signs posted around your neighborhood can help you find them.

People will often go to great lengths to get the word out about their sale so take advantage of that.

You can find local garage sale listings for houses just down the street from you or even in another area of town by searching online. Some websites will even give you a few garage sale survival tips.

Become an expert in a class of merchandise, like books, and learn to spot truly valuable items at a glance.

Entire neighborhoods will often hold garage sale events in which multiple families participate. Plan your day of bargain hunting by creating a garage sale checklist for the items you’re hoping to find and go to every single one in your area.

Create a circular route so you end up back at home when you’re done. That’s the most efficient way to hit as many garage sales as possible.

Do Your Homework

Of course, finding local garage sale listings isn’t the only thing you must know.

You need to learn how to spot valuable items at a glance. You develop that skill by specializing in a particular type of merchandise and learning all you can about it. That’s how you make money selling garage sale finds.

For example, you can sell old books to book collectors on Amazon and Alibris. These are my personal favorite items to sell because they are the easiest way to profit online that I know.

Soon you’ll be able to expertly tell what items can be resold profitably online and which ones are duds. One of the most important things you must learn to do is ignore your own personal biases. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it’s cheap.

Something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself can fetch a nice amount of money if you sold it on eBay or Amazon.

Look carefully at everything on sale and make a few educated choices since these items are not keepers, they are going up for sale in hopes of generating profits online.

Virtual Garage Sales

Garage sales online is another way of finding valuable merchandise you can sell on the Internet for profit. These are virtual garage sales where buyers can make purchases from the comfort of their own homes.

While the online world also offers plenty of local garage sale listings, having that virtual place to go is very convenient.

You save time and gas by not having to run around all over town. And it’s certainly handy during bad weather.

Both are great options for the person hoping to get a great deal on items to resell for extra income.

A quick look on any search engine will bring you to several online garage sale sites featuring whatever merchandise you need.

A Few Final Words

Selling items you find at a garage sale can prove very profitable. Many people don’t know of the value of their items, and that gives you a competitive advantage.

Many resellers can double their money from buying and selling garage sale items. Some have even been lucky enough to make a good living off of them.

It may be hard work, but it proves that people are not fully aware of the value of their own items, and that is very beneficial to you. Create a good garage sale check list and stay organized.

Look for the local garage sale listings in your area to see if you can hit the jackpot or at least get a great find and make fast profits online.

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