Library Book Search

A library book search is one of the most interesting ways to make extra money by selling used books online.

The market for these types of new books at the library or lightly used books is still very strong, even in the Internet bookselling age. Yes, that's correct. Used books sell very well indeed.

Most people aren't aware of how to acquire such books at a low enough cost to make their sales profitable.

Well, one way you can find used books very cheaply is by doing a library book search for the most profitable books available and attending a library sale to purchase them at pennies on the dollar.

Do Ex-library Books Really Sell Online?

Absolutely! The market for purchasing ex-library books is a very large one and many people actually make a substantial amount of money selling either like new library books or well used library books. Online bookselling works equally well for both.

You should focus your library book search for titles that appeal to particular niche markets, often these books are in demand and rather expensive when purchased new.

At certain times of the year, your local public library will hold a sale to dispose of their used titles.

By doing a library book search, you can find the titles that are most likely to sell and purchase them if they become library discards.

What To Look For When Searching For Library Books

You should look for titles that are in demand, not the most popular ones unless you can get them very inexpensively, but the types of books that fit into a niche market.

These types of books are often overlooked by most Internet sellers and can be a source of great profit.

What is a niche market? Try to find books that are either unusual in some way or very specific in nature.

I once bought a copy of The Plot Genie by Wycliffe Hill for 75c at a library sale. I sold it three weeks later for $300! That's an example of an unusual book suitable for internet book selling.

An example of a specific book topic is the copy of Duty, Honor, Country by George Day that I purchased at a library book sale for $1 and sold in just a few weeks for $200.

Learning to recognize obscure titles such as the previous two examples can be a skill that enables independent online booksellers to increase online profits.

How Much Should You Pay For Books?

The obvious answer is, as little as possible. But truthfully, you should be aware of what these types of books generally sell for in a used condition and pay about 1/4th the price or less if possible.

This means that your library book search should be limited to niche titles and also find out the price that they sell for online which will give you a good idea of how much profit you'll make. That's the smart way to sell used library books online.

Niche titles offer you be best opportunity for earning profits online because they hold their values much longer due to their scarcity. And don't forget, some of the best finds are on those rolling library book carts that many novice book scouters overlook.

Learning these little-known secrets is the difference between making money online selling used books and going broke.

Library Book Sale Restrictions

The most common restriction is that libraries will only sell during certain times of the year, so you might face some competition in getting the books you want.

Also, you'll need a book scanner with you to quickly do a library book search to check book values.

Finally, you'll need a handy shopping cart with wheels to haul them around so you can pay for them all at once instead of running back and forth.

Individual libraries holding a book sale may have specific restrictions posted. You should check these as you enter the building so you can reduce hassles to a minimum.

Finding good rare books at library book sales can bring enormous profits when you're selling online.

Keeping your eyes open and having the right scanning tools can turn spending a few dollars at a library book sale into making hundreds of dollars or more when you sell books online.

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