How Library Book Carts
Improve Productivity

By Joe Waynick
January 7th, 2012

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Most home-based booksellers will discover that library book carts can help make their business run smoother and more efficient.

As you begin your internet bookselling business, you'll find that carrying boxes filled with books is extremely challenging and stressful to the body.

Especially, if you start listing and selling many books each day.

For example, on some days when you're out book scouting you may bring home 100 or more books that have to be sorted, listed, and shelved.

You can make the job of lugging all those books around a lot easier with a book cart and just roll them to where they need to be.

A further benefit of purchasing your own cart is you can improve the organization of your books and that makes shelving and listing more efficient for an online bookselling business.

Lets Get Started

Begin your search for the right book cart by assessing how many books you'll be hauling from one room to another.

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choice of book trucks!

To actually find carts, you can do it the hard way by Goggling "library book carts." You'll get more than 400,000 search results covering a wide assortment of brands and styles.

You can also try "library book trucks" for similar results.

But I've already done the work for you. I've found a wide variety of carts that range from utility, mobile, metal, and wooden featuring a one-sided or two-sided design with 2 – 6 shelves.

In addition, they come in several widths and lengths from one foot by two feet to two feet by three-and-a-half feet.

All you have to do is click on one of the book cart images on this page and you'll be taken to my personal catalog of carts. From there you can choose a quality mobile book cart that will fit the needs of just about any book seller.

Most of these book carts can handle weight capacities from 150 lbs to 500 lbs of new or used library books. You'll also find that the price range for carts suitable for the small Internet bookseller fall between $250 to $500.

Only Buy Quality Equipment

Just what is the best library book cart for the small bookseller and how much should you spend?

You'll find that an all metal, fully welded library book carts to be an ideal choice for durability and cost effectiveness. They're the same type used by public libraries when librarians do a library book search.

book carts 3 shelf
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a big selection!

You want a fully welded frame because book cart frames that are screwed together will loosen and eventually collapse. That can never happen with a welded frame.

Now throw in the fact that you can select a cart to match the décor of your home office and you may get the sense that the choices are almost overwhelming!

Realistically, you'll pay from $250 - $350 an ideal cart. The beauty is that if you ever decide to scale up your business and move out of you home and into a small commercial warehouse, this type of cart will easily make the transition from home to commercial use.

You'll get many years of value no matter how large your internet book selling business grows.

Again, for a variety of high quality choices of book carts check out my online store on this website by clicking on this link: book carts.

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