How to Sell Used Books Online
For Profit

By Joe Waynick

Learning how to sell used books is a popular way to earn extra money, and for some people it's even enough to earn a living.

Whether your goal is to make a little extra cash or a full-time job, you can get in on this action by using the book selling resources found on this website.

You can do that by checking out the Making Money Online Bookselling Blog for timely updates about the bookselling industry several times a week.

Also, don't forget to join the Booksellers Discussion Forum to gain a wealth of information from experienced booksellers around the world. First read the forum guidelines then sign-up for a free membership and start participating with other on line book sellers today.

As a forum member you'll quickly learn how to sell books online for cash.

How To Get Started

The first step to learning how to sell used books is to find out where to sell used books to make the most money. Independent bookstores are one potential buyer, but the Internet is the best place for three reasons.

First, you won't be limited by geography. Potential buyers can be found anywhere in the world using highly profitable sites like Amazon, AbeBooks, and Alibris. All you have to do is ship the book when it sells.

The best way to sell books is on the Internet where you have a global market of customers.

Second, when you sell used books it's a public endeavor and you can see what your competitors are doing. Therefore you can employ pricing strategies found on this website and get a better price for your books.

Third, because the post office or fulfillment company does all of the leg work, you save time and money. You don't even have to leave home to deliver the product to your buyers!

Knowledge Is King

Another reason for a used book seller to turn to the Internet is for information. Sites like have a large number of educational articles on how to sell used books and other items.

Online auction sites allow you to set up an online store under their brand, which can reduce the workload and expense associated with marketing an online business.

For example, you can research completed auctions and learn what items sell quickly and at what selling price.

In addition, Amazon pricing and sales rank data will give you an idea of the demand for a particular book. It doesn't do any good to have books in your inventory that nobody wants or that fetch a very low price.

For that reason, check the current prices with a pocket PC scanner for used books before you buy them. That way you can take full advantage of profitable opportunities online.

Buying Is More Important Than Selling

In addition to knowing how to sell used books you need to know how to acquire them at a low enough price to resell them at a profit.

This point is so important I want to emphasis it once again. Your profit is made when you buy books not when you sell them!

When you go book scouting, never buy books that aren't listed online for sale for less then three times your cost. For example, if you pay $3.00 for a book it should already be listed online for sale for $9.00 or more.

The only exception is if you're using the book flipping strategies I discuss in my previous article, Ways To Make Quick Money Selling Used Books. Otherwise, the three times cost rule is written in stone.

Also, when you buy right, you’ll be able to profit from prices that are stable or going up to really make a difference to your bottom line!

How To Find Books

Used books can be found in many different places. Libraries occasionally sell some of their inventory in library book sales.

Thrift stores, especially those affiliated with a particular charity, are a very good source of used books. Donors will often give books is better condition to thrift stores because they want to support the charity as best they can.

Also, well stocked garage sales and estate sales have books and other items people want to unload. The books at those sales are worth more to you than they are to the seller.

Online swap sites are another possibility. A book can be acquired in exchange for an unwanted item in your garage or closet, and the only cost is a small shipping fee. It's a unique twist on how to sell used books that you can use against your competitors!

Finally, used text books are available from college students at the end of each semester. However, you're not limited to buying just textbooks, which would have a smaller base of potential buyers. Literary classics and books about history are available as well and they appeal to a larger audience.

The World's Easiest Business

I’m frequently asked, “Can I still make money selling used books?” My answer is always a resounding “Yes!” But I also have to always caution them to temper their expectaions. Nevertheless, selling books online is a profitable business to start and it's an easy business to operate.

Using the information on this website you'll find that it's very easy to buy and sell used books. Getting started as an on-line bookseller requires only a few profitable items to sell that most people already have, such as a computer, an Internet connection, and a printer.

From there, it's a simple matter of taking advantage of the system already in place. With the presence of well-established auction sites like eBay, and fixed price marketplaces, there's no need to spread the word about your own company and its offerings. You can just piggyback on the brand names and let buyers come to you and your used book selling business.

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