Free Kindle eBooks
Help Guests Find God In Cyberspace

By Joe Waynick

Giving away free kindle eBooks is the latest twist in attracting hotel guests these days.

At least one hotel in the UK has replaced the printed form of the Gideon bible normally found in guest rooms with an Amazon Kindle, and the Good Book is already preloaded for free.

Patrons of the Newcastle, England Hotel Indigo are getting quite a few digital perks with the new policy.

Perks that the hotel management surely believes will give their establishment a competitive advantage.

The Plot Thickens

Not only has the hotel continued the time honored tradition of the Gideon's, but they’ve upped the ante by offering even more free Kindle eBooks for guests.

For example, if guests prefer to read some other religious literature, they’re able to download another selection from the Amazon Kindle store for free so long as the download costs the hotel less than £5 (that’s under $8 in American currency).

Hotel guests have the choice of religious reflection or to read just about anything they want.

This gives room occupants another shot at free Kindle eBooks that isn’t available at other hotels, at least at this time.

Finally, if that doesn’t satisfy hotel patrons, they can download any book they want to the room Kindle and have the full cost of the selection added to their hotel bill.

eBooks On The Rise

This is the most aggressive use of eBook reading devices I’ve seen reported to date, and certainly the most creative.

It also gives the Amazon Kindle yet another venue from which digital titles can grab even more market share from print book publishers.

However, I wouldn’t worry too much about it just yet. The current program is only an experiment that can easily be aborted if too many of the kindle readers wind up in guest suitcases and walking out the lobby door.

Unlike soap and towels, the Kindle is a pretty expensive amenity at $79 a pop that most hotels can’t afford to lose in masse.

Nevertheless, it seems God has gone high tech in the digital age with the Kindle leading the way. So says Digital Trends. Read the full story when you Click Here.

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