July 2011 Blog Posts

Jul 8, SCOE 2011 Day0
SCOE 2011 Day0 - Arrival day for the 2011 Sellers Conference for Online Entrepreneurs. It was a bumpy ride but I made it!

Jul 10, SCOE 2011 Day 1
SCOE 2011 Day1 - Amazon Day was bigger than ever when more than 150 Amazonians descended upon the conference.

Jul 13, SCOE 2011 Day 2
After a full day on Friday, I’m all set for another information packed day on what is billed as “Vendor Day.”

Jul 18, SCOE 2011 Day 3
I’ve been going full throttle for three days now, including my travel day. I’m getting tired, but this is a big day…

Jul 22, Make Money Fast for Kids Selling Books Online
If there was an easy, low cost way to make money fast for kids at home, wouldn't every parent do it? The sad reality is the answer to that question is "no," not every parent would do it.

Jul 23, New Google eReader
Google eBooks has partnered with Iriver and released a new Google eReader dubbed the Story HD. The unit retails for $139.99 and comes with an electronic paper display, XGA (768 x 1,024) resolution...

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