April 2011 Blog Posts

Apr 2, Sell eBooks Online? Interesting Facts for You!
Here are a few fascinating things I learned last night that may be of interest to folks who sell eBooks online . . .

Apr 5, I Sell My Used Books Using These Strategies
I think I'm a pretty savvy Internet bookseller when I sell my used books, but this sale had me scratching my head . . .

Apr 9, New Booksellers Discussion Forum!
The wait is over! My new Members' Only booksellers forum is up and running. Readers of my books can join the forum and jump-start their businesses today!

Apr 9, Forum Guidelines
These forum guidelines are designed to make this booksellers discussion forum professional, respectful, and enjoyable for all participants.

Apr 16, Internet Bookselling Made Easy! Is Available on Amazon.com
Get the brand new edition of this ground braking book, proclaimed by experts nationwide as THE definitive work about selling books online...

Apr 29, Master Marketer Skip McGrath Endorses "Internet Bookselling Made Easy!"
Few people know as much about selling books on the Internet as Skip McGrath. And no one knows more. Yet Skip strongly endorses my book. What an honor. You can see what he wrote on his blog by clicking the link.

Apr 30, Book Remainders and the Virtues of Patience
Two years ago I bought book remainders for $3.00 which I listed in Like New condition on Amazon. Then I waited . . . until they slowly sold off. Today one sold for $29.95. Read my analysis below.

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