How to Sell Comic Books
for Fun & Profit!

Guest post by Onlinewriter
October 5, 2012

One day you may be in the market to sell comic books for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps you've run across a rare comic book collection while you were out scouting, or you may have more comic books to sell than you have space to store them.

Maybe you need funds to upgrade your funny book collection or it could be that you simply need to pay off a few bills.

Whatever the reason, there're ways to sell your cherished graphic tales online. If you want to do this at a reasonable profit there are resources available to help ensure that everyone gets a fair deal.

Price Guides

To sell comic books online fairly, you need to consult comic book price guides.

There are free and paid guides out there to help you understand how to determine the value of old comic books, or even current ones for that matter. How much comics are worth largely depends on the book's condition, content, and availability.

Selling comic books can be both fun and profitable!

The price of a comic can fluctuate due to popularity of the characters, storyline milestones, rarity of the issue, how pristine its condition is, publisher, artist, writer...well a myriad of qualifications.

If you're wanting to casually sell comic books, then taking a look at some of the most trusted price guides and giving your comics a nod toward the lower end of condition would shave a lot of time off the process.

Other Options

If you're willing to put in a little more effort, there're online comic pricing communities that can do appraisals for you based on scans and their assessments of current values.

There're likely to be fees that accompany this service, though not as much as a more thorough comic book appraisal.

One of the benefits of selling old comic books is that you'll likely make more profit than if you sell to a comic book store owner. This depends on a buyer finding you and honestly, the comic is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Don't expect to sell comic books based on sentimental value. Also, don't be surprised if you have to wiggle a bit on even the old books price guide value, especially if you have comic book lots for sale. If you don't have to sell your collection right away, you can always wait for a stronger market and hope for increasing comic book prices. But you should also keep in mind that the value can also decrease.

Grading Your Collection

When it comes to grading comic books, the process can get intense.

If you're hoping to sell comic books and retire on the profits, then you're in hardcore territory. This involves pouring over comic price guides, online forums, and discussions with in-person appraisers.

CGC Comics is a well-known organization that conducts third-party comic book grading services.

The results from their grading service are considered top notch, but it's probably only worth sending a comic that can bring in big bucks if it's determined to be authentic and its condition falls into the top three grading categories.

Perusing the online sites on which you intend to sell your comics can help give you a realistic idea about pricing, including the aforementioned high dollar graded books. Just take a little time poking around the comic community before you decide to sell and you'll likely be more pleased with the outcome.

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