10 Reasons to Attend Book Shows

There are many good reasons to attend book shows. Book fairs, conferences, and other literary festivals are held almost weekly around the United States. Make it a point to attend those closest to you. They’re fun, and you learn a great deal about books, especially if you want to be a rare book collector and sell old books.

Don’t forget the freebies. At one event, I received over $300 in free books which I listed and sold when I got home. That alone paid the price of my admission. I also received plenty of mugs, pens, canvas bags, a book reader, and lots more.

Consider these excellent reasons to attend whenever possible:

  • Attendees can often buy books at a substantial discount.
  • Exhibitors give away lots of freebies, including books.
  • Meet publishers and potentially negotiate special pricing on new titles.
  • Meet famous authors.
  • Network with other booksellers, large and small.
  • Be introduced to new technologies that help grow your business.
  • Attend free workshops to learn more about the industry.
  • An opportunity to become a guest speaker.
  • Meet your vendors face-to-face.
  • You get a chance to scout in cities outside your normal territory.

Literary events are terrific opportunities to conduct an old book search. Always pack your scouting toolkit when you travel. Then you'll always be prepared to pick up unexpected bargains.

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