A Serious Digital Postal Scale for
Booksellers Is the Royal Ex-310

By Joe Waynick
November 19, 2012

postage shipping scale
Click image to order
a Roayal EX310

A heavy duty digital postal scale is an absolutely essential piece of equipment for booksellers planning to use Amazon's FBA program.

FBA is short for "Fulfillment By Amazon." It's a program that allows you to send your unsold inventory to Amazon for storage in one of its state-of-the-art warehouse facilities until it eventually sells.

Once sold, Amazon is responsible for packing and shipping to complete the book order fulfillment cycle.

It's a great program for profitable and legitimate home based independent book sellers working from home because you avoid the cost of renting commercial warehouse space.

Instead, you only pay vastly cheaper storage rates on the exact amount of inventory held by Amazon,.

Small Postage Scales are Perfect for Small Businesses

I've been using the Royal EX310 Exacta shipping scale since 2009 and it has proven to be a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment.

I've used it both as a table top model or a floor model. However, I've found that placing it on a table top is easier because there is far less stress on my back from bending over with heavy boxes to place on the floor.

Here are the main features of the EX310 digital postal scale:

  • Sturdy metal construction for long life.
  • It sports a large digital display that makes reading a postage scale weight easy.
  • The scale is accurate to within 2/10ths of a pound.
  • You can measure weight in either pounds or kilograms.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 310 pounds.

I currently have over 25,000 books spread across several of Amazon's fulfillment centers. Those books arrived there one box at a time, each one weighed by my Royal EX310.

Preparing for Amazon's Warehouse Fulfillment

When you scale up to FBA you need the ability to accurately weigh boxes up to 100 pounds. That's because you'll be shipping hundreds of books at a time to Amazon.

A standard 19.25 x 16 x 12 box will hold approximately 50 to 100+ books, depending on whether you're shipping mass market paperbacks, trade soft covers, or hardback books.

postage shipping scale
Click image to order
a Roayal EX310

For example, you'll easily get at least 100 mass market paperbacks in a single box that will weight approximately 50 pounds.

Conversely, only about 60 to 65 trade soft covers will fit into the same size box, weighing in at around 80 pounds. And only about 50 to 55 hardbacks will go in, and those can tip your digital postal scale at 100 pounds per box.

Once your boxes are prepared, you drop them off at UPS and you're done. Amazon handle's the rest.

The Royal EX310 is a great scale that's served me well as I ship 500 to 3,000 books per week. That's a lot of boxes. You need equipment that you can depend on. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you click on the image above and order one for your business today!

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