Need a Packaging Supplier?

You're going to need a packaging supplier so you can buy the necessary postage materials that help streamline your media mail book shipments.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of supply outfits available online and locally.

Below you'll find some of the most popular.

The list is here if you want it. But you can save yourself dozens of hours of window shopping because I've already dug up the best suppliers based on quality and price competitiveness.

You can go to my shipping supplies catalog page and save yourself time and money. You'll also be helping me keep this FREE website up and running by purchasing your supplies through my links.

It takes a great deal of time and money to maintain all the information on this site. You can help by going to my supplies catalog page and consider those vendors before you buy. Thanks!

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Associated Bag - You'll find a large selection of products in every category of packing and shipping at this site.

Bags & Bows - The premier source for retail-packaging supplies including shopping bags, tissue, gift-wrap, ribbon and bows.

Browncor - This is a leading distributor of packaging, storage, and shipping supplies.

eSupplyStore - This is my favorite of the packaging suppliers to buy bubble mailers, tape, bubble wrap, and everything else I need for packing and shipping.

Fast-Pack - Lots of goodies here. They carry a complete line of packing and shipping supplies.

First Packaging of Chicago - These guys are a great source for book fold boxes. They carry 14 different sizes. The nice thing about book folds is that they're lighter than Multi-D boxes and save on postage.

Gator Pack - Short and sweet. These guys sell bubble mailers.

Hillas Packaging - They offer a complete line of packaging machinery and related supplies.

Office Depot - Mega office supply store for use as a backup in emergencies.

Office Max - This is another big box office supply mega store. They come in handy when you run out of supplies.

Online Labels - I buy all of my sheet-fed laser printer labels from these folks.

Pack Secure - They carry, bin boxes, sealers, stencil machines, paints, inks, AIE products, Marsh products, poly bags, shrink film, colored shrink film, stretch wrap, mailers, bubble cushioning, bubble bags, plastic sheeting, poly tubing, tape, envelopes, brooms, mops, hand dryers, hand towels and many more items for your packaging and shipping needs.

Packaging Control - This is the primo soruce for multi-dimensional boxes (get it -- Mulit-D?) Click the link and check out the cool animation.

Packaging Price - Compare prices with these guys before you buy anywhere else. There's no reason to pay more if you don't have to.

Pakoutlet - They claim to be the best online source for top quality, low cost packaging supplies. Check them out for yourself and see what they mean. Be sure you compare their current pricing with other vendors in this list because pricing changes all the time.

Papermart - They bill themselves as the largest and most complete packaging store on the web.

Quill - These folks have been around ever since I can remember. Long before the Internet they sold office supplies through giant printed catalogs at great prices.

Reliable Office Supplies - Now part of Boise Office Solutions, they've provided office products to all types of businesses for 75 years.

Shipping Supply - They supply a broad range of shipping and packing supplies.

Staples - Another big box office supply store you can use in pinch when price is not an issue.

The Linton Company - Wide selection of bubble mailing products and highly competitive on some items.

Trek Label - I buy all of my roll label here for my Zebra printer to produce shipping labels.

Uline - The leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America.

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping - This is a full service packaging provider serving multiple industries ranging from food service to industrial warehouses and commercial office buildings. The wide range of products offered online enables users choose the right packaging products for each situation at an affordable price.

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