Map Software for Booksellers

Grab this list of map software tools to help you navigate your book scouting territory.

Efficiently using your time to visit as many sourcing locations as possible in the time available will boost your profits.

A free sales territory map tool like Google Maps is great for creating an entire day's worth of scouting locations with easy to follow turn-by-turn directions. When new book sources are found, it's a snap to add them to your map.

My other top choice, Microsoft Streets & Trips isn't free, but it's an industrial strength powerhouse that will bring new levels of efficiency to your business. Few mapping tools deliver such a powerful punch for under $40.

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Develop efficient high yielding routes for scouting.

Google Maps - This free service offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information including business locations, contact information, and driving directions. You can specify up to 10 locations on a single map.

MapQuest - A leading provider of maps, directions and location-based services. It is one of the most recognized and trusted brands on the internet, we’ve created mapping solutions that support consumers and businesses alike. Did I mention it's free?

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 - You pay for this product, but it's a powerhouse. Microsoft did a great job with this one! There are versions for the United States and Europe. You can also get a version with a built-in GPS.

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