International Package Shipping:
How To Ensure Your Parcel
Is Safely Transported Abroad

Guest Post By Jane Wooley
December 24, 2012


International package shipping intimidates many online sellers.

Sending a package to the other side of the world can seem like quite a daunting affair if you have never done it before.

But in reality, by following a few simple steps you can be pretty sure that your package will arrive at its destination in one piece.

Have a look at the suggestions below and see if you can find some tips that will help to make sure your goods remain safe and sound.

It doesn't matter whether they are heading across the Channel to France, or perhaps thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean to Australia or New Zealand.

Match Your Packaging to Your Goods

One of the most important things to get right when you're engaged with international package shipping is the packaging itself.

This is what will keep your items safe from knocks and bumps and ensure that they reach the recipient in the best possible condition.

Matching the packaging materials to the goods being sent is extremely important.

For example, if you are sending items that are particularly fragile like glassware, then you'll want to ensure they are extremely well padded and protected.

However, larger, more robust items such as books will need far less protection for international package shipping.

Make sure that you use quality materials too, as there is no point going to the trouble of packing a parcel if the cardboard you're using is going to fall apart as soon as it gets a little damp.     

Get The Address Correct

Now this might sound like an obvious point, but it is amazing how many people fail to get the address and postcode correct on letters and packages.

According to the Royal Mail, eight million letters are posted in the UK every single day carrying either an inaccurate postcode or none at all.

Take the time to ensure that the details of your recipient are correct if you want to avoid delays, or indeed the possibility that the package won't arrive at all.   

Choose The Right Parcel Delivery Service

There is no point in wasting money on an express delivery service if the package that you are sending abroad does not have to meet a specific deadline.

It makes far more sense to opt for a standard service that will take a little longer but be no less effective.

Alternatively, if it is an important business consignment that you are sending then make sure you select a service that will get your package to its destination on time.

Transporting goods across the world is a job that requires a major distribution network and so it pays to ensure that a professional courier company is in charge of delivering your parcel.

There are a number of international package shipping firms in the market and all have services available to book through the internet.

The leading companies will usually offer online tracking too, which provides added peace of mind as you'll be able to monitor the progress of your item as it makes its way across the globe.

Customs Requirements

Ensuring that a parcel gets through customs is another major area to focus on.

Packages heading outside of the European Union require a CN22 or CN23 declaration to be attached – this informs customs officials about the contents of the parcel, its value and various other details.

Failure to attach this form is likely to result in your package being refused entry to the country and returned to you.

Author Bio

Jane Wooley is a Freelance writer who is dedicated to helping you find the best quality international courier to get your packages overseas as quickly and safely as possible.

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