How to Shrink Wrap a Book
Without a Heat Sealer

Guest Post by Brent Roake
August 14, 2012

Many people are interested in how to shrink wrap valuable books in hopes of protecting them for shipping or storage.

That's because a shrink wrap product is a great way to preserve and protect books and magazines from exterior elements.

The problem most individuals face is that a heat sealer is traditionally recommended for a proper seal. Heat sealers can be expensive for individuals who only want to protect a few books at a time. What most people don't know is that there's a simple and elegant solution to getting all the benefits of shrink wrapping books without the expense of having to buy a commercial heat sealer or shrink wrap machine.

A Simple Solution To An Old Problem

To demonstrate how we shrink wrap books without buying a heat sealer we've made a video to show how individuals can use shrink wrap to protect a book that's just as effective as using shrink wrap equipment and supplies, yet it's far less expensive.

This method is not recommended for obtaining a retail look, but it will work fine for individuals interested in the preservation not only books, but many other types of items as well if you understand how to use shrink wrap properly.

The total cost of this method is the cost of the shrink wrap plastics. We do recommend using a heat gun to establish the proper shrink rate, but an inexpensive hair dryer can be used to reduce the cost even further.

How to Shrink Wrap with These Raw Materials

You don't have to worry about where to buy shrink wrap material because we can supply everything you need.

Rectangular Shrink wrap bags range in price from $14 - $70 depending on the size needed.

It takes approximately 2 - 5 minutes to properly shrink wrap a book using this method. For low volume users that's not much time at all.

Our video illustrates how to shrink wrap a book by properly measuring its dimensions, inserting it into the bag, applying heat, and finishing the seal. When you're done, you have a neatly shrink wrapped book ready for shipping and/or storage.

Click on the link below to view our instructional video:

Shrink Wrap a Book Instructional Video

Author Bio

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping is a full service packaging provider serving multiple industries ranging from food service to industrial warehouses and commercial office buildings. The wide range of products offered online enables users choose the right packaging products for each situation at an affordable price.

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