How to Find Cheap Text Books
And Sell Them Online for Huge Profits!

By Joe Waynick

Even with the world racing toward the digital age selling cheap text books is still highly profitable.

Most of the time used book sellers who sell text books put in very little effort once they have their books in hand.

All they do is list their merchandise online for free, and make a nice profit because the cost of buying used books is so low.

There's no real magic to the methods used in the book selling business. It's all about knowing where to look, what to look for, and keeping your eyes peeled for instant online profits.

It’s a simple process that is often overlooked as not being a real career. But for people looking to make extra money in these difficult economic times, buying used textbooks can be the key to having plenty of walking around money.

Finding Textbooks On The Cheap

The fact is that text books are primarily sold in four places; at colleges and universities, library sales, thrift stores, and online.

Savvy booksellers frequently check out thrift stores because you can find cheap text books there when the timing is just right. Often, you can create your own perfect timing by getting store personnel to alert you in advance as to when the shelves will be re-stocked.

Garage and yard sales are great places to find all kinds of books including textbooks, especially in family oriented neighborhoods.

The college text book industry is a multi-billion dollar business!

Most people who hold yard sales just want to get rid of their stuff and simply aren't willing to put in the time and effort to research and sell old books, even valuable textbooks.

In fact, most people wouldn't even know where to sell college books let alone know how to do it.

Colleges and Universities

When most people think of the campus bookstore they think of new text books.

A little known secret when it comes to buying used textbooks for profit is to know the local college buy back schedule. Head down to your campus bookstore a month before the buy back starts and pickup their "buy back list" of cheap text books.

The buy back list contains the titles of new text book announcements of books necessary for the next quarter that the campus bookstore is planning to buy back during their new and used college book sales.

Next, take that list and shop online sites like Amazon and eBay to buy cheap textbooks that are on the buy back list, and then get ready to sell them, the perfect way to eventually earn bit profits.

Here Are A Few More Tips!

Additional resources range from half price book stores that often have cheap text books at exceptional prices.

Used book stores can also be a good source where you can buy used textbooks for just a few dollars.

Public libraries will often sell textbooks in library book sales that aren’t being checked out as frequently anymore.

Once you have a steady supply of like new and used text books you can start selling them to students who need them for their next semester of classes.

Think about that for a moment.

Every three months or so you have a ready-made market clamoring to buy your products at incredible prices. How sweet it is!

How Much Can You Make?

On average, new college books easily cost from $100 to $300. Used copies are almost always more than $50 and often fetch $100 or more.

This means that even if you find cheap used textbooks for $30, chances are good that you'll double your money when you sell.

When you begin to sell used text books online sales can be a bit slow while you learn the ropes. But before you know it you’ll have a selling system in place and you'll see your money double and triple as you gain more experience.

As long as there are college students there will always be a need for cheap text books. In addition, prices will always be unusually high for resellers because new college text books are even higher -- much higher at the local campus bookstore.

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