Cheap Bubble Mailer Envelopes
for Booksellers

By Joe Waynick
December 17, 2012

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Finding inexpensive bubble mailer envelopes is critical to the profitability of your Internet bookselling business.

If you're selling used books online you already know that profit margins are thin and that every penny saved on shipping supplies goes straight to the bottom line.

But in addition to price, make certain that you're buying quality products. After all, if the mailers don't protect your books when handled by USPS, then a cheap price is no bargain at all.

In this article you'll learn exactly what makes a good mailer and how to get the maximum value possible from your shipping budget.

Exactly What Is a Bubble Envelope?

Bubble mailers are Kraft paper or moisture resistant polyolefin (poly) envelopes outfitted with a standard bubble wrap lining glued to the inside of the envelope.

They're ideal for mailing books, DVDs, and CDs because the air-filled bubbles in the lining provide protection against rough handling in the mail.

Bubble envelopes are easy to use, inexpensive to buy, and their light weight cuts down on postage costs when mailing products to customers.

You can buy mailers in a number of different sizes. I always recommend that beginners start with sizes #2, #4, and #6 to handle 90% of their mailing needs.

After awhile, you might want to get a little more precise and add sizes #1, #3, and #5 to your shipping operation. Size #7 also comes in handy if you carry coffee table books.

You can also buy a color bubble mailer but small sellers will have trouble justifying the cost. You're better off sticking with the golden Kraft bubble mailers or plain white poly bubble mailers.

Here's a link to all the bubble mailers you'll ever need to run your business.

Should You Use a Poly Bubble Mailer?

Unlike Kraft mailers, poly mailers have the advantage of being water resistant. This feature makes poly mailers very attractive when you want a higher level of protection for some of your more expensive books.

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However, poly envelopes and mailers are more expensive than Kraft mailers. And since owning a profitable home business means keeping costs down, you really have to weigh the price against the additional benefit.

I've used Kraft mailers since 2006 and I've never had a customer complain that their purchase was damaged due to moisture. That's after shipping more than 70,000 orders!

Consequently, I see little reason to pay a premium for the added protection poly mailers offer.

Nevertheless, occasionally poly mailers will go on sale and I can buy them at the same price or less than Kraft mailers. When that happens, I always go with poly because the added protection they offer is essentially free, and I'll take free every time.

Why Not Buy Shipping Boxes?

When you want the maximum protection possible for a book, DVD, or CD, then your best bet is to ship your product in box.

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. My favorites are foldable boxes that can be made to fit a variety of different books. That way I can stock fewer sizes and save money.

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Whereas I have actually gotten returns from books damaged using bubble envelopes, I've never had a book damaged when I used a box for shipping.

So why don't I always use boxes when I ship? Simple. It's the cost. And not just the cost of the box. Boxes are heavier and that makes them more expensive to mail too.

Even thin shipping boxes are heavier than a bubble envelope.

Therefore, I only use boxes for sales over $50.00 to give them extra protection. I'd rather pop for an extra 50¢ to $1.00 to use a box than have to refund an expensive book or DVD.

When you're working with books that sell for $100.00 or more, you might look into buying printed shipping boxes for extra branding.

Here are several box sizes in my catalog that I've used for years with great results. They're scored at multiple depths to fit different size books for maximum flexibility and protection.

Save Money On Everyday Purchases

You're going to need a lot of shipping materials. Buying inexpensive, high quality shipping supplies make selling online more profitable.

And choosing the proper size mailer or box for the product you plan to ship is critical because smaller containers are less expensive than larger ones.

Selecting the smallest envelope or box possible that will adequately protect your merchandise while it's in transit will save more money and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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